Audio Freebies - Promo Codes for Free Audiobooks

About is where audiobook listeners and come to request promotional copies of audiobooks for free.

The site grew out of authors’ and narrators’ frustration with reaching out to potential listeners to distribute the free audiobook codes that Audible supplies for promotion of each audiobook.

The audiobooks are provided via a promotional code supplied by Audible.  Each author and/or narrator of an audiobook can request a total of 100 UK and 100 US promotional audiobook codes in batch lots of 25 codes.  These are supplied by Audible as promotional copies to get the word out about a new audiobook, gain reviews, etc. In the past, Audible provided promotional codes that could be used on any book. In 2019, Audible changed this system so that each Audible code is now connected to the associated audiobook, and can no longer be used on any other audiobook.  Consequently, audiobook producers are more comfortable with distributing their free codes, since they can now be sure the code is used for the specific audiobook requested.

But how do you find people to listen and review your work?  This site is a gathering place were authors and narrators can post information on the audiobooks they have promotional codes for.  When an audiobook listener finds an audiobook they’d like to request a promotional code for, they simply click through to the book’s dedicated page, and complete the form below the book’s information.  Pressing Submit sends an email to the author or narrator with details of where to send the promotional code.

US Audible promo codes must be redeemed at:

UK Audible promo codes must be redeemed at: