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Automated Code Delivery (code displayed on screen)
or Manual Code Delivery (you email each code)
or Automated Code Delivery after Detail Capture
or Premium Service (AudioFreebies emails codes and vets reviewers)

You choose!  

AUTHORS, NARRATORS, PUBLISHERS – if you have promotional codes to give away, you’re in the right place – whether your codes are from Audible, Findaway Voices, Authors Direct or even your own website, if you’re a rights’ holder selling wide!  Complete the form below and your audiobook should be live on the site within 24 hours (usually sooner).

Automated delivery is great for busy authors/narrators/publishers who want a ‘set and forget’ system.  Manual delivery lets you track codes, vet who receives codes, and (most importantly) personalise each email to add marketing material (mailing list signup, extra offers, website addresses, social media links, even extra promo codes.)

The choice is yours!  For each title, choose whichever systems suits your circumstances. Either way, it’s the same low price for Automated, Manual or Automated with Form Submission code delivery systems! (Contact us for Premium Service costs)

Single-Title Listings (US dollars)
A single-title listing is a single page/entry/listing at that covers one audiobook or one boxed set
– $10 for ONE single-title listing
– $9 EACH for TWO single title listings submitted on the same day
– $8 EACH for THREE or MORE single title listings submitted on the same day

Multi-Title Listings (US dollars)
A single page/entry/listing at that covers multiple audiobooks from the same series
– $20 for a multi-title listing covering 2 to 4 books in a series.
– $25 for a multi-title listing covering 5 or more books in a series.

Each listing will remain on the site for at least 2 months, unless we are advised that promo codes are depleted. (We’ve so far left all audiobooks on the site indefinitely (except those with codes depleted), because we think you should be able to keep giving away codes for as long as you wish.)


Complete the form below, then click “Submit” and you will be taken to a payments page. If you wish to go to the Payment page without completing an audiobook submission (eg, you need to pay an amount owing), click here to go to the Payment page.

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