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Written by Alaina Stanford

Narrated by Ginger Walton

Duration 23 hours and 5 minutes

*Entire Series* Books 1 to 5 (23+ hours)

*Award-winning author (Author of the Year, Jefferson Authors Group 1998)*


Book 1: The Light of His Sword

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When Alyssa was a child, she decided not to believe in demons. If you don’t believe, then they can’t be real, right? But the demons don’t care what you believe.

Alyssa grabs her six-year-old daughter and escapes into the forest outside the compound. Her father’s death haunts every step. He died trying to save her from the cult when she was a child. This time, failure is not an option.

Keeping a few steps ahead of the elders, Alyssa crosses paths with a truck driver named Gabe. Suddenly, she dares to believe she might succeed. Yet Alyssa can’t bring herself to warn Gabe of the demon horde that’s fast on their heels.

Gabe’s gentle kindness sends ripples of emotion throughout Alyssa’s petite form. Emotions she’s never felt before. But will he be strong enough to protect her from the approaching evil?

Book 2: The Power of His Touch

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You can’t kill demons for thousands of years without creating a nemesis or two. But Lilith was different. Rafi’s killed demons for millennia, but Lilith was different. She was a sexy kind of fun despite the deadly evil. Rafi looked forward to their encounters. If she wasn’t the mother of all demons, they might have been more than enemies on opposite sides of creation.

Disguised as an agent of the World Health Organization, Rafi searches for the source. When he meets a biochemist named Sophia at the center of the pandemic, everything changes.

Book 3: The Echo of Her Presence

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Ariel had fallen for the oldest trick in the book and mankind paid the price.

Thousands of years ago, Ariel’s moment of weakness changed the face of the world. She not only failed mankind; she’d failed God. As a result, her heart turned into an island of ice, encased inside a barrier of steel no one could penetrate.

Ariel races to Texas to help heal the land from a devastating drought when she meets a stubborn Texas rancher. The moment their eyes met, Ariel felt that long-forgotten feeling in the core of her being. It was as if her heart finally started to beat again.

Will Ariel risk her divine duty to feel love again?

Book 4: The Defiance of His Conviction

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16-year-old Cody grew up surrounded by archangels. It never occurred to him to question if he truly belonged. Of course, he wasn’t an angel’s son. Why hadn’t he realized that before? He looked nothing like his dad, and no one doted on him like they did Vada, Gabriel’s true daughter. She was the only angel’s child among them. Why didn’t it ever occur to him to ask? When the truth about Cody’s tainted soul is revealed its suddenly time for flight or fight. Cody chooses to fight. But he just may lose his soul in the process.

Book 5: Angel From Hell

O’liv’et lost her wings in the Great War after she chose to follow Lucifer. It was the only mistake she ever made and it earned her an eternal place in the lake of fire. Lucifer was no more. Once he and all his followers were cast out of heaven, Lucifer’ could no longer hide the evil inside. Slowly over millennia, O’liv’et watched in horror as Lucifer transformed into Satan, the King of Hell. Only then did she realize Lucifer had not only betrayed God but all of his followers as well. He was not God’s equal, he could never be. There was no new Garden of Eden waiting for them beyond God’s reach as he had promised. One day in deep despair O’livet crawled out of the pit of hell and stood at the edge of the chasm that separated them from heaven. She fell to her knees and dared to pray to be shown the path to redemption. A vision flashed across the sky before her of a young man with jet-black hair and onyx eyes. The wind whispered his name. She felt that long lost sensation of the fiery grip of fear in her stomach and suddenly everything became clear.


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