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By Judicial Decree

Written by Commander James Bondage

Narrated by Rick McFadden, Nigel Moore, Elliot Daniels

Duration 35 hours and 32 minutes

*Multiple Audiobooks* Books 1, 3 to 10 (35+ hours)


Book 1: By Judicial Decree

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Set in a world where the old Roman laws permitting enslavement for debt were never repealed, By Judicial Decree is the story of two women enslaved by court order who fall into the hands of a cruel, demanding master. Elenora Riley, a beautiful, innocent eighteen year-old, and Olivia Addison, an equally lovely twenty-something aristocratic housewife, are purchased by slave agent Quentin Scales for the cold, sadistic Caine. Both women discover how Caine’s cruel, unrelenting methods take them to heights of erotic pleasures they never knew were possible. This is the first book in this popular series which now comprises 13 novels.

Book 3: Criminal Law

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Kelly was the first female inspector in the history of the Constable’s office, and practically the only honest cop on the entire force. When she threatened to take the story of rampant graft to the press, she had to be silenced. If that meant framing her for crimes she had never committed and reducing her to slavery, well, that was her tough luck. Faith was an innocent preacher’s daughter, president of her father’s charitable foundation for retired Believers. How was she to know the foundation was a scam and her father a con man, until he fled and she was left holding the bag, to be punished for his crimes with enslavement? But there was worse in store for Kelly and Faith, when slave agent Quentin Scales buys them for his senior partner, Rupert Caine, whose hobby is punishing young women like Faith and Kelly for the crimes of being young and beautiful.

Court of claims

Book 4: Court of Claims

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With his bevy of lovely and submissive slave girls as his star players, Rupert Caine’s erotic films were unrivalled in the entire Western provinces. Until that is, the beautiful and unethical Erika Nordling began to compete with him, employing what Caine considered to be dishonest tactics and worse, personally slandering him. Erika soon learns the seriousness of her error, when Caine arranges her downfall, financial ruin and enslavement and she ends up chained in a dungeon with her adopted daughter Faith, where they are subjected to Caine’s cruel and perverted desires.

Contract Law

Book 5: Contract Law

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Diana was comfortably well off after the sudden death of her husband. But she did not have the kind of money she needed to finance her hobby: the acquisition and training of expensive slave-girls. Her neighbor, Rupert Caine, owned a harem of the most beautiful sex-toys in the country, but he refused to even lend them to Diana. If only she could get him to part with one or two of the girls, her problems would be solved. As a former professional poker player, Diana was confident she could win some of Caine’s girls in a card game. But in order to get Caine to play, she would have to sign a contract of indenture, putting up her own freedom as her stake in the game, and if she lost, Diana would end up in Caine’s dungeon, under his merciless training.

Security Interest

Book 6: Security Interest

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Sister Kristjana was young, beautiful, and naïve. She had dedicated her life to helping the poor, and she was prepared to risk her freedom to keep the Believer’s charity hospital open. After all, the Eternals would never allow her and the other Sisters to be enslaved and reduced to sex toys for failing to repay a bank loan secured with their bodies…or would they? Sister Kristjana learns that gods are not always to be relied upon, and also about pleasure and pain and how closely they are related.

Consent Decree

Book 7: Consent Decree

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Inga had been given great gifts: a beautiful face and figure, a brilliant mind and an influential father who could help her achieve her goal of becoming the first female lawyer in Vinland’s history. But all her gifts came to nothing after she lost control of her spending, was convicted of embezzling her clients’ funds to support her lavish lifestyle and sentenced to slavery as punishment for her crimes. But it was not until she found herself naked and bound in the basement of Rupert Caine’s mansion that she learned the true meaning of punishment, and discovered that it was possible to take pleasure from pain

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Book 8: High Crimes and Misdemeanors

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Ulrika Torvald was on top of the world. With her beauty, intelligence, rabble-rousing oratory and complete lack of either honesty or a conscience, she had become the most popular Governor in state history, and seemed safe from the vengeance of the many people she had harmed on her climb to the power. But then she was impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and sentenced to judicial enslavement. Even worse, her new owner was Rupert Caine, notorious for his harsh training of his slaves. Worst of all, Ulrika had once tried to blackmail Caine, and he was not a man who either forgave his enemies…

Court Martial

Book 9: Court Martial

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Jo Langstrom was the ultimate female warrior, a hero of the guerilla war in Neuvo Catalonia, winner of the Presidential Medal of Courage, a full Colonel at the age of 25, a small package containing beauty, brains and guts. She had risen to the top of her profession almost overnight, so her fall was all the more shocking. Convicted of moral offenses under the Army’s antique and Draconian code, she and her lover, the lovely Lieutenant Robyn Brand, were court-martialed, convicted and sentenced to slavery.

Who was waiting at the auction to snap up these disgraced former officers? Who else but Quentin Scales, agent for the notorious Rupert Caine, who wants to add Jo and Robyn to his household slaves, and train them for his bed. Caine has conquered many women over the years with his near-infinite knowledge of pain and pleasure. But has he bitten off more than he can chew this time? Jo is not only the toughest woman he has ever faced, but also a lesbian who finds men sexually repulsive. Can Caine break her will in his basement dungeon or will she choose death over dishonor?

A Case of Libel

Book 10: A Case of Libel

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Klara Agnarsson had clawed her way to the top of the newspaper business by destroying the reputations of innocent people, and had become the most famous gossip columnist in the world. So it not surprising that she became careless after she started to believe that no-one and nothing could ever bring her down. But Klara had made some dangerous enemies with her on her way her way up, and the most dangerous of them all was the multi-billionaire Rupert Caine. So she should not have been surprised when the long arm of Caine reached out to arrange her downfall, and she found herself a naked slave, chained in an underground dungeon, helplessly awaiting her vengeful new master.


WARNING: Includes explicit sexual content suitable for adults only.

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