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California Billionaires: Entire Series, Books 1 to 3

Written by Nikki Larson

Narrated by Liz Lovegood

Duration 12 hours and 11 minutes

*Entire Series* Books 1 to 3 (12+ hours)


Book 1: Hands Off My Billionaire


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She is an entertainment reporter assigned to dig up his dirt. He is a disillusioned billionaire with a secret. Surely, love can’t blossom in a situation like this.

Isabella Jacobs works with disadvantaged children, but that is just her volunteer job. For her paying job, she is a journalist with the notorious TBZ – The Buzz Zone media outlet. She plans to work there just long enough to make money to help the children, and then she is quitting.

Asher Ramsey is the owner of the world renowned Treviare Resort and Spa, situated on the edge of a picturesque cliff with a stunningly beautiful beach below. He was born into wealth, but he is tired of being used by everyone. There’s got to be more to his life than this.
When Isabella’s supervisor, Brianna Knight, gives her yet another troubling assignment, Isabella’s not sure she can take it. And the closer Isabella gets to Asher, the more she is confused. He is definitely hiding something, and it is not insignificant. Can Isabella get him to reveal his well-guarded secret? Or will he deftly slip out of her reach?

NOTE: This is a sweet Christian romance by Nikki Larson, who glorifies God by weaving biblical truth into pause-resisting fiction.

Book 2: The Billionaire’s Yacht


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Who is Lucas Flaire?

He was a handyman hired to clean and take care of the billionaire’s yacht. He was not the billionaire himself. But Thea doesn’t know that.
She was a nanny, looking for some kids to love and guide. She wasn’t looking for a horde of scoundrels. Okay, they weren’t so bad, but training them to be good, obedient children and use the gifts bestowed upon them was not going to be easy.

Grunt is the actual billionaire – an elderly, gruff gentleman who is rather eccentric. He has hired Lucas to be the father figure to his children, and he needs him all the more now that his young model-turned-singer wife has tragically passed away in a plane crash after one of her concerts.

When Thea finds out Lucas has misled her all along, will she ever be able to trust him again?

A sweet Christian romance by Christian romance author, Nikki Larson – glorifying God by weaving biblical truth into pause-resisting fiction.

Book 3: My Billionaire’s Secret Dreams


Jaxton Braun is a billionaire who has broken away from his father’s oil business to have a fresh start selling organic health food bars with a focus on love and good deeds – but he is still feeling empty.

Stunning Sylvia Oscar is a FanGram sensation with her insanely popular fitness posts and videos. She knows how to capitalize on the positive, and never let the demons of her past haunt her. If only she can remain successful in the public’s eye, she’s sure she can keep the nightmares at bay.

Jaxton would do anything to have Sylvia for his own, but she wants nothing to do with him. They’re childhood friends and current-day enemies. She already tried dating him, and it simply didn’t work out. Since he can’t have Sylvia, he is focused on pouring all he has into his business and his philanthropy.

But there’s another problem. Jaxton’s dreams are beginning to disturb him. He’s afraid to go to sleep at night, because they always show his best friend’s sister in danger. As he falls further and further for Sylvia, his sense of obligation to protect her becomes an obsession.

Will he save her before it’s too late?

A Sweet Christian Romance




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