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FAQs for Requesters/Listeners

The following FAQs should answer most questions you have as audiobook listeners requesting giveaways at If you have further questions, please send us an email by completing the form on the Contact page.

No, there is no cost to browse and request audiobooks listed at which are available for free via a promotion or giveaway code direct from the author or narrator who produced the audiobook.
Browse the list of audiobooks either on the Home page or via the Audiobooks page. Newly added titles are at the top. On a desktop or tablet, there are various searches available in the right-hand column of any audibook page, as well as by going to almost all of the menu items under the Audiobooks menu: Audiobooks: All Listings - Compact, Audiobooks: All Listings - Detail, Audiobooks: Search Options and Audiobooks: Mother of All Searches. On the Mother of All Searches page you can perform a search using many simultaneous criteria to find the books you want - just remember to click Submit at the bottom of the form. If you're on a tablet or mobile/cell phone, the Search Options and Mother of All Searches page may be the most useful. When you see a title you’re interested in, click on the title to go to the audiobook’s dedicated page, where you can read more about the audiobook and click on a link to the audiobook at Amazon (which opens in a new tab) where you can listen to an audio sample and read reviews. If you wish to request a title, there are two formats used at AudioFreebies: If you see a blue "Request this Audiobook" button, clicking on it will scroll down to a form for you to complete. Fill in your name, email address and what region you are in, and an email with those details will be sent to the person who listed the book on the site (usually the author or narrator), who should send you a promo or giveaway code within a day or two (often within a few hours). If there are buttons on the page for US Code and UK Code, click on these to receive an immediate code displayed on screen.
When audiobooks are produced through (Audible’s independent audiobook production arm) in many cases the narrator and/or author of the audiobook will be given access to up to 100 US and 100 UK region 'promotional codes' which can be redeemed for a free copy of the audiobook to help promote the title and gain reviews. Similarly, if an audiobook is produced through Findaway Voices (an audiobook producer and distributor), the authors/publishers can apply to receive 30 to 100 giveaway codes for the audiobook. Some people use these codes to send free copies to review sites and bloggers. Some people run competitions with promo copies as the prizes. Some people give the books away to people who they hope will write a review. But with so many codes available, often authors and narrators are happy to give many of their codes away for free to eager listeners in the hope they will spread the word about the audiobook, either directly or on social media, or rate or review it online.

The email you receive from the narrator or author should tell you how and where to redeem your code.

US region Audible promo codes are redeemed at

UK region Audible promo codes are redeemed at

Findaway Voices Giveaway Codes are redeemed at

Note that Findaway Voices giveaway code audiobooks must be listened to using the Authors Direct mobile app for iOS or Android, and are only redeemable by US, Canada and Australian residents.

If you've been emailed a code from the author or narrator, the fastest way to get help is to email them with your problem.

If you've received your code via on-screen display, let us know your problem by submitting a Code Problems form. We'll investigate and get back to you within 24 hours. The Code Problems form is found under the For Requesters/Listeners menu and the Contact menu, as well as being on each page where a promo code is displayed on screen, under the 3 large coloured boxes where it says "If you experience code redemption problems and want us to investigate, complete the Code Problems Form".

Audible audiobooks may be listened to on computer, tablets, mobile phones and other devices. Instructions and software downloads are available at
Findaway Voices Giveaway Codes must be listened to via the Authors Direct mobile app, which is currently only available to users in the United States, Australia, and Canada on iOS and Android mobile devices. There is currently no way for listeners outside these regions and listeners using general mp3 devices, Kindle devices or desktop computers to utilise the Findaway Voices Giveaway Codes.

If the listing uses automated code delivery (where a promo code is displayed on-screen), then if there are no codes left then instead of being shown a code, you'll be directed to either a "More Codes are Coming" page (if the author or narrator will have more codes to give away in a day or so) or a "No More Codes Remaining" page. This No More Codes Remaining page is your chance to let us know that codes have run out on that book, so we can contact the author/narrator to let them know. You can also fill in your name and email on this page so we can let you know if/when more codes become available.

If the listing uses manual code delivery (where you fill in a form so the author or narrator can email you a code) then when you submit a request form, an email with the details you submitted on your form is sent to the person who listed the audiobook (usually the author or narrator of the audiobook). It is then up to them to email you a code. If you don’t receive a code, it may be that the author/narrator hasn’t seen your request or they have run out of codes (though we try to note this on the website as soon as we are informed). Ultimately it is up to the author/narrator to send out codes if or when they wish, however if you are worried that your request has gone astray, or you have some other concern, you can contact us via the Contact page.

No. Whether or not the person who listed the book sends you a code is entirely up to them, however most of our participants actively want to give their codes away to eager listeners, so generally if they have codes available, they will provide a redeemable promo or giveaway code to those who request them.
If you have further questions, please contact us via the Contact page.
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