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Hickory Grove: Entire Series, Books 1 to 5

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Written by Elizabeth Bromke

Narrated by Cecily White

Duration 26 hours and 7 minutes

*Entire Series* Books 1 to 5 (26+ hours)

*USA Today Bestselling Author*


Book 1: The Schoolhouse

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Divorced empty-nester Becky Linden wants a fresh start. After two decades away, she returns to her hometown to find herself. What she discovers instead is the long-abandoned schoolhouse where she had her first kiss as a teenager.

Others might see an eyesore, but Becky sees the neglected building as a charming business opportunity and…her future. However, she can’t do it on her own. The one man who can help her is the last one she ever thought she’d ever ask – her ex-boyfriend.

Zack Durbin works for the school district that owns the run-down building, and he agrees with locals: The schoolhouse is a problem. What’s more? It’s his job to solve the problem. Then, Zack’s old high school sweetheart shows up with a dream to open a bookshop and reboot her life. Is Zack willing to sacrifice his career for the only woman he’s ever loved? Or will the past haunt him forever?

Book 2: The Christmas House

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Christmas comes but once a year. Unless you never take down the decorations.

When a pipe in her home freezes and bursts, antiques collector Fern Gale knows her holiday season is off to a bad start. Her house was already a mess and all she wants to do is drink hot chocolate and binge-watch Christmas movies.

The winter catastrophe pushes Fern to spruce things up at 313 Pine Tree Lane. And that’s when she stumbles across something that belongs to her estranged husband.

Stedman Gale thought he moved on from Fern. After all, when her mother died, their marriage died, too. But then he gets a frantic phone call in the middle of the night that changes everything….

If the small-town magpie can reconnect with the love of her life, then maybe she’ll be more than the lonely woman who lives in The Christmas House.

Book 3: The Farmhouse

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A desperate hairdresser. Her handsome friend. And a farmhouse full of secrets.

When Maggie Devereux is served an unexpected eviction notice, everything falls apart. Until she stumbles across an unopened letter regarding her late aunt’s estate: a ramshackle farmhouse on the outskirts of town. It could be the perfect solution, if it weren’t on the verge of collapse and teeming with complicated family secrets.

Property investor Rhett Houston needs a fresh start. So, when he bumps into his old friend Maggie, who’s looking for help with a project, he jumps right in.

Soon, Rhett finds himself growing close to the hardworking family, and he realizes he’s at a crossroads: stay in the city where he’s made a life, or move home to Hickory Grove to help Maggie for good. His choice would be easy, if she weren’t still married.

Can friends become more under the right circumstances? The Farmhouse is a romantic, small-town women’s fiction set in charming Hickory Grove.

Book 4: The Innkeeper’s House

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A sweet-as-pie teacher. A hometown hero. And the local B&B, complete with innkeeper’s quarters.

Fresh on the heels of a broken engagement and a dead-end subbing gig, would-be English teacher Greta Houston goes home for the summer. She needs to recharge, and the farm town is just the place. Friday night fish frys and dusty back roads bring her down to earth, but Hickory Grove is only a pit stop on Greta’s way back to the big city. Then, she gets an interview…with the last place she’d ever thought to apply.

Football coach Luke Hart has too much on his plate. After moving to Hickory Grove to be closer to his ailing grandmother, he spends his days teaching, coaching, and volunteering at church. Life is good, until Mamaw Hart passes away, leaving him with a daunting heirloom: The Hickory Grove Inn. Luke needs help to run the place, or else, he’ll have to sell the one thing that connects him to his past.

Book 5: The Quilting House: A Hickory Grove Christmas

A weathered family barn, a second chance at love, and the quilt that wove them together…

It’s winter, and Liesel Hart needs a project. Single and over the hill, she’s more likely to turn to the convent than to find a date for the Christmas tree lighting. But when her friend’s daughter reaches out with questions about Liesel’s favorite pastime, she sees a chance to reinvent herself…until a family secret comes knocking like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Gretchen Engel has a simple dream: open a craft store. But then, her ex-boyfriend comes home for Christmas, bringing a winter storm with him. Now, Gretchen is stuck in the Hickory Grove Inn with her ex and a Christmas shopping list a mile long. How can she pull off a business plan if she can hardly manage the holidays?

Becky, Fern, Maggie, and Greta are close friends and happy locals, and their cherubic children are starring in this year’s nativity play. But a critical prop is missing…and the show can’t go on without it.

Will the group of six find the time to patch together a cozy friendship? Or will they run out of hot cocoa first?


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