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How It Works

How It Works

Audiobook Listeners

AudioFreebies makes receiving free audiobooks fast and easy!

Some listings have codes immediately displayed when you click these buttons:

For other listings, enter your name and email so the author or narrator can email you a promo code

At you’ll find lists of audiobooks which authors and narrators are giving away via Free Promo Codes.  You can search the list via genre, subgenre, author, narrator and tags. You can even search by multiple categories simultaneously.  When you see an audiobook you like, click to go the book’s dedicated page. Here you can either click on a button for US or UK to display an immediate promo code, or complete a form, and click “Submit” to send your details to the author/narrator, who will email your promo code within a day or two.

Once you have your promo code, redeem it here:

For US Audible Codes:

For UK Audible Codes:

For Findaway Voices Giveaway Codes:

That’s all there is to it!

Start listening to audiobooks for free today!

Authors and Narrators is a hassle-free, low-cost method of distributing Audible Promo Codes to listeners who want to hear your audiobook.  No more spending hours posting on Facebook groups or PMing back and forth on Messenger.

We’ll make a dedicated page for your audiobook, including categorising it as you’ve requested, so listeners can find it when searching by genre, subgenre or tags.

We have two choices for methods of code distribution.  The cost for each is the same, so you can choose which method suits you best.

Option 1:  Automatic Code Distribution. 
You upload your promo codes to use via an easy-to-use form. Each time a requester clicks on a US or UK code button on your book’s dedicated page, a code is displayed on screen, together with the link where the requester can redeem the code. Each distribution is tied to a requester’s IP address, so if the requester clicks on the button again, the same code is shown to them (provided they haven’t changed IP address). This method does not include any capture of requester statistics or data. This method suits busy authors, narrators and publishers who want their codes distributed with minimal effort and who aren’t interested in tracking where their codes go or adding extra marketing material or personalisation.

Option 2:  Manual Code Distribution. 
A requester submits their name and email address, which triggers an automated email already filled with boilerplate text so you can just click Reply; paste in a promo code; delete some extraneous material/instructions; and press Send. This method involves capturing the email data of the requester.  This method suits authors, narrators and publishers who like to vet who they’re giving codes to; who like to track code redemption; and who want to personalise and/or add extra marketing material (mail list invitations, website links, offers for extra audiobook codes, etc) to each email sent with a code.

(NB – There is a third option where codes are distributed automatically on screen display, but only after a requester provides a name and email address.  This option takes more time to set up, and so it costs more.  Inquires for this method should be directed to AudioFreebies via the Contacts page.)

In its first four months, has received 15,000 code requests across 700 audiobooks, from 9000 visitors to the site and 80,000 page views.

Requesters love the convenience of so many titles in one place, while authors and narrators are thrilled to list their book once, then watch the requests roll in.

IMPORTANT – if you haven’t received any emailed requests after a day or two, check your Junk/Spam folders, both on your device AND in your online webmail service provider portalGmail and Yahoo in particular have a tendency to place even personally-addressed emails into Not Wanted/Spam/Junk folders that you can’t even see on your phone/tablet/computer email program. 

IMPORTANT – once you run out of codes, please let us know, via the Contact page.  If you run out of all 100 US codes, email us so we can change the listing to say UK codes only.


Costs to list audiobooks with AudioFreebies are as follows (all prices in US dollars).

A single audiobook or a series in a boxed set
– $10 for ONE single-title listing
$9 EACH for TWO single title listings submitted on the same day
$8 EACH for THREE or MORE single title listings submitted on the same day

A single listing that covers multiple audiobooks from the same series (details below)
– $20 for a multi-title listing covering 2 to 4 books in a series.
– $25 for a multi-title listing covering 5 or more books in a series.

Each listing will remain on the site for at least 2 months, unless we are advised that promo codes have been depleted before this time. (Note that in general, we’ve waived the removal after two months and at this time all audiobooks remain on the site for people to continue requesting, until we are advised that codes are depleted or the author/narrator wishes to remove the listing.)

What is a multiple-title listing?  A multiple-title listing is for those who want to list more than one book in a series on the one listing.  This is different from a boxed set.  A boxed set is counted as one listing, as there is only one picture to upload and one code to give away.  A multiple-title listing is where separate books from the same series all appear on the one listing, and you will be providing each requester with a code for each book in the series (which translates to more income than a boxed set, if you receive income from redeemed codes).  To submit a multiple-title listing, start completing the “Add an Audiobook” form as though you were listing book 1 in the series. Then add extra details and the additional book covers at the bottom of the ‘blurb/info’ field in the ‘Add an Audiobook’ form.  We’ll make a multi-book series listing like this one: Tainted Cure Series listing at  Note that you have to have promo codes available to give away for all of the books in the series if you use a multi-title listing!

Titles added in bulk on the same day by the same author, narrator or publisher: If a lister uploads more than 5 audiobooks and they are all similar, not all of them may be visible in the new listings or chronological listings pages (i.e. the Home page and the Audiobooks page), but they will all be available in their relevant genre categories. This is so listeners see a mix of book genres on the Home Page and general Audiobooks page, rather than needing to scroll past numerous similar books before seeing something from a different genre).

To list an audiobook, go to the Add an Audiobook page

The success of relies on getting traffic to the site, so spreading the word is appreciated.

Thanks for being part of the community!

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