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SINGLE-TITLE LISTINGS (single audiobooks and boxed sets) (US dollars)
A single-title listing is a single page/entry/listing at that covers one audiobook or one boxed set
$10 – Code Emailed for one audiobook or one boxed set
$15 – Code Immediately Displayed on Screen for one audiobook or one boxed set
$15 – Code Displayed on Screen After Form Submission for one audiobook or one boxed set

MULTI-TITLE LISTINGS (more than one audiobook on the same listing) (US dollars)
A single page/entry/listing at that covers multiple audiobooks from the same series
Multi-title listing for 2 or more books in a series:
$25 – Code Emailed for a multi-title listing
$35 – Code Immediately Displayed on Screen for a multi-title listing 

Each listing will remain on the site for at least 2 months, unless we are advised that promo codes have been depleted before this time.  At th present time, unless we are advised codes are depleted, we are leaving all audiobooks on the site indefinitely, so that you can continue to receive requests.

Complete the form below. In the Reference box, add the name of your submitted audiobook (or one of the names if you’re listing several).  For the amount, you may either use the drop-down list or fill in the amount total in the total box. If you wish to pay by credit card rather than Paypal, click on ‘Pay Now’, then click on ‘Pay With a Card’ at the bottom of the payment window, to open a ‘Pay as a Guest’ window.

Any questions or problems, please email via the Contact page.

We suggest you DO NOT USE eCheque as a payment method.  If you use eCheque, you may be charged an excessive amount in fees (eg, an extra $16 for a $10 payment), because your payment will be crossing an international border (since AudioFreebies is located in Australia).  If the only payment method available to you is eCheque, click away from this page and go directly to the Contact page to let us know, so we can sort out an alternative payment method.

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