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Use this form to manage the STATUS, VISIBILITY and REGIONS of your listings, as well as to REMOVE OR TAKE BACK CODES previously allocated for automated code delivery. (If you wish to alter the search criteria or change from manual to automated code delivery, use the Update Audiobook Details form.)

Options on this form include:

If your US codes are (nearly) depleted, you can still use AudioFreebies for your UK Audible codes by altering your listing to UK Codes Only.

If you are out of codes temporarily, but will have more in the future (you’re waiting for codes to be redeemed so you can apply for another batch), we’ll put a redirection in your listing to say “More Codes Will be Coming”.

If you wish to give your codes away at ANOTHER PROMO CODE GIVEAWAY SITE, we can HIDE YOUR LISTING for the time being (effectively removing it from AudioFreebies).  When you wish to reinstate it in the future, let us know and we can ‘unhide’ it.

If your listing is via Automated code delivery (codes displayed on screen) and you wish to TAKE BACK SOME/ALL CODES provided to AudioFreebies so that they can be given to ANOTHER PROMO CODE GIVEAWAY SITE for distribution, please indicate below, and we will remove the codes indicated from our lists, releasing them back to you to be given away elsewhere. We ask that you do this so that AudioFreebies isn’t trying to give away codes that have been allocated elsewhere. This is especially important for our site, because (unlike some of the other sites) requesters cannot just grab another code at AudioFreebies if the first one doesn’t work or has already been redeemed, so it’s very important that AudioFreebies only has on hand codes that are unique to AudioFreebies and are not available elsewhere. We are happy to release back to you any or all codes you wish to use elsewhere.  Then if you wish to add codes back into AudioFreebies at a later date, use the Add a New Batch of Codes form, under the Author/Narrator menu. Note that if you remove all codes from AudioFreebies in both regions, we will have to hide your listing, because AudioFreebies (unlike some of the other sites) only lists audiobooks that have a genuine giveaway running with codes available (or about to be available once a few more codes are redeemed).