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Written by Mark Anthony

Narrated by Sean Posvistak

Duration 10 hours and 34 minutes


*Other titles in this series also available*

Lea Romero is dead. A week ago, Victor Vane murdered her in LA Confidential, and now, only her ghost remains. Drifting along without purpose, she constantly recalls the advice people keep imploring – she needs help. While she should heed this counsel, doing so would require facing her demons.

Lea dreads reliving her homicide and hides from anything that might trigger recollections. These efforts are futile, as reminders press in from all sides. Eventually, the unyielding pressure forces her to act, but she bypasses professional help and instead learns of her grisly fate – a decision that uncovers a sinister underworld.

Turns out, hundreds of murderers stalk virtual reality. Worse, their victims are like her – haunted ghosts pushed into hiding. Already dead, she ventures deeper into their dark world and, inadvertently, starts down a path that could alter virtual reality forever, not to mention destroy what’s left of her.

Notes from the Author: This audiobook is the second installment in a three-part series. Book 2 is a story of revenge, and the basis for the revenge unfolds in Book 1, so listening to Book 1 before Book 2 is highly recommended, or the experience will be significantly impaired. The series is premised on total immersion virtual reality, with each book containing a specific virtual world as the centerpiece for the story. In Book 2, the virtual world is grittier, more dangerous, and more urban, resulting in a larger emphasis on weaponry and action. If you embark on this series, I hope you enjoy the adventure!

WARNING: Includes graphic violence suitable for adults only.

NOTE: Other titles in this series also available (while codes last).

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