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Written by P.C. Zick

Narrated by Bethany Pearson

Duration 21 hours and 17 minutes

*Multiple Audiobooks* Books 4 to 7 (21+ hours)

*Award-winning author* (Promoting Outstanding Writers Winner, Mainstream Fiction 2005; numerous journalism awards)

This listing covers books 4 to 7 in the Rivals in Love sweet Chicago family saga romance series. Books 1 to 3 in this series are also available (while codes last), as well as additional audiobooks by P.C. Zick.

Rivals in Love showcases the Crandall family siblings who are all in successful careers. But they forgot one thing while becoming rising stars. They forgot all about love. Their father, a U.S. Senator, aspires for high office, but their mother, the heir to a fortune, only wants her children married and with children.


Rivals in Love Book 4: Love on Air

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Two TV newscasters find common ground in their pursuit of the story. But their methods for coping with horrific news collide during a shooting at Navy Pier.

Diamond Crandall anchors his own cable news show, The Diamond Report and is resented by some for his age and lack of experience. But he’s proven himself as a solid journalist, and most of his colleagues respect him. When Hope Colson shows up to vie for a seat next to him as co-host, he balks, until he sees her in action.

The producer of his show, Jane, only cares about ratings, not standards. When Jane admits she’s hiring Hope, not for her standards or talent, but because she’s black, Diamond is taken aback and unsure if he should tell Hope or not. But one of Diamond’s colleagues—one who’s still resentful of Diamond’s ascent at the network—tells Hope that it is Diamond who wanted a black woman hired for diversity’s sake. What had started as a promising professional, and perhaps personal, relationship deteriorates into the two of them barely speaking.

It doesn’t help that the rest of the Crandall family has fallen in love with Hope, and even Senator Nolan Crandall, gives Hope an exclusive interview, which rankles Diamond especially since Hope has been giving him the cold shoulder treatment. When Hope panics during a shooting at Navy Pier in Chicago, Diamond advises her to get help. It’s only when Diamond sees a family collapse that he goes into his own form of PTSD.

They both reveal the past tragedies—a school shooting and a grandfather’s death—that refuse to heal since both have refused to talk about them. From Chicago to D.C. and the halls of Congress, the two newscasters appear on the air together, but when the lights go off and they face each other, the truths long hidden will determine if the chemistry on the air translates to real life. This survivor interracial romance bridges cultures and the past to forge a personal relationship and a workplace understanding.

Rivals in Love Book 5: Love on Course

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One chef unable to commit. Add a first love who wants more. Stir, mix, and wait for a second chance at love. The recipe is complete for a family heritage and restaurant romance.

Turq Crandall, the baby of the clan, is bored with his job as chef at a French restaurant in Chicago. He yearns to do something different out of the stuffy environment of fine dining. Cindy Crosby seeks fulfillment in her job as a public relations director, but when she and Turq hit an impasse in their relationship, she decides to take a job with a medical corporation in Florida.

The two attempt a long-distance relationship, but distrust of each other’s motives haunt the time apart. He’s certain Cindy loves his family more than him, and Cindy assumes Turq’s priorities don’t include her.

Turq finally decides to quit his job and heads for Tuscany to seek out his mother’s Italian roots and learn about rustic Italian cooking. When that doesn’t satisfy him, he heads to Ireland to explore his father’s roots and the cuisine of his other half. After exploring his Irish and Italian heritage, he comes home to begin a family business.

Cindy has made her own discoveries while on a break from Turq when she begins to manage a restaurant on the coast of Florida. When Turq asks her to be a part of his new venture, a restaurant romance begins, and Cindy agrees to help him with his concept of an Irish and Italian restaurant to honor his family heritage.

The road to love is bumpy but filled with scrumptious tastes of local cuisines. Their two discoveries collide when both return to Chicago for Crandall family concerns. If they can smooth over the course of their love and realize how to work together, love might deserve a second chance.

Rivals in Love Book 6: Love on Stage

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An actress intent on finding her place in the theater after leaving Hollywood. A fire fighter reeling from a bitter divorce. When she inherits money to open her own playhouse, the inspection ignites love at first sight.

Ruby Crandall, the twin of Rock, often faded into the background with her large family. But the way to gain attention came to her in the form of acting. After her character is killed off a series in Hollywood, she returns home to Chicago to help her parents face some health issues and ends up buying an old theater in a revitalized community. The Windy River Playhouse takes center stage in this community theater romance between a rich woman born into a life of privilege and Captain David Dixon of the Chicago Fire Department, a poor man used to farm life, not city nights. He’s a man burned by his ex-wife and carries a bias against spoiled rich women. But when he meets Ruby, he fights the attraction when he learns she comes from the famous and wealthy Crandall family. Ruby, while drawn to the handsome captain, struggles to understand how he could have ever been married to her high school nemesis, Camille.

Both the firefighter and actress must prove to the other their mettle if they can ever hope to forge a romance despite the sparks of love flowing between them.

Rivals in Love Book 7: Love on Holiday

The couple who started the whole Crandall clan face a crossroads as their fortieth wedding anniversary approaches. As their six children plan a surprise party, the couple struggle to stay together through the holidays. Will they be able to pull off a second chance at romance after forty years?

Nolan and Sofia Crandall have remained in love and together for forty years despite their differences. He’s Irish. She’s Italian. He comes from a working-class family. She was raised as an heiress to a meat packing dynasty. He’s a Republican senator. She’s a staunch Democrat. In the past, they had worked through the differences. But a rift develops between them even as all their dreams as parents are realized with a houseful of grandkids on the way. With their kids intent on being in their home for the holidays, the politician and his wife must find a way to make memories for the family they created.

Their six children, facing their own issues, look to their parents as an example of how a marriage should work, until things begin to fall apart right before the surprise party on Christmas Day. The six siblings work to save their parent’s marriage for the sake of their own. During the Christmas holidays, they all come together to help their parents find their way back to one another or face a divorce of gargantuan proportions.


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