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*** UK CODES ONLY *** *Other titles in this series also available* The life of an unscrupulous bastard can sometimes be fraught with difficulties. First, there was the sweet young thing who claimed he'd impregnated her. (Know what a condom is, Brett?) Then there was the desperate young man who wanted to take him to court. (One of the risks you run when you insist upon being so unscrupulous.) How about the guy who showed up at his apartment and threatened him at gunpoint? (Punching him out at that party might not have been such a good idea.) Or the ex-girlfriend who came back, just to call him STUPID? ('Nuff said.) But when someone left a dead body on top of his bedspread, the message that needed to be sent
*** UK CODES ONLY *** *Other titles in this series also available* A man is found dead with a bullet hole in his chest, and private detective Brett Cornell is the number one suspect. It might have something to do with the fact that there were witnesses who had seen him punching the guy around only a few days earlier. Or - more likely - it might be because the police have discovered that the fatal bullet had been fired from his gun! In the second novel of this detective series set in the late 1980s, self-proclaimed unscrupulous bastard Brett Cornell has to figure out who's trying to set him up: Could it be his lovely but meek new client? Or perhaps her equally lovely but far-from-meek roommate? Or might
    *Entire series boxed set* Over 68 hours of tongue-in-cheek private eye hijinks! "Funny, edgy, gritty, great ... love the writing, love the narration. Highly recommended!" Amazon Review A nine-book series of comedy-mysteries featuring the tough and crass "unscrupulous bastard" himself - a rude, wise-cracking private detective who happens to be a hugely successful ladies' man, thanks largely to what he immodestly refers to as his "Adonis-like features". In a series of tales involving murder, blackmail, and other assorted acts of violence and deceit, Brett learns the hard way that there's a steep price to be paid for being such an unscrupulous bastard - and listeners may very well feel that he gets exactly what he deserves, and more! WARNING: Contains politically incorrect material, violence and sexual content suitable
*Other titles in this series listed* The beautiful and alluring Tammy Rankin and her brother Andy were positively grief-stricken when their well-to-do father died of a fatal heart attack. In fact, their grief was intensified when they realized that their young stepmother stood to inherit his vast fortune - that is, unless they could somehow suggest foul play and pin a murder rap on the woman, notwithstanding her probable innocence. They obviously needed to enlist the services of someone who was totally devoid of any amount of scruples whatsoever. A perfect cue, then, for the entrance of self-proclaimed unscrupulous bastard Brett Cornell who, as expected, is instantly attracted to the prospect of getting his own greedy hands on a portion of the Rankin inheritance - and on the lovely Tammy