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** Reviewers Only ** This is a Review Priority giveaway. Please request a code only if you have a genuine intention to leave a review within a month. *Other titles in this series also available* It is 2021, and Sir Agravain's nemesis, Malagant, is back. But Agravain, who hunted the Dread Knight during the 18th and 19th centuries, is now serving a prison sentence. Nimue, a mysterious student of Merlin, seeks King Arthur to offer him a choice. Arthur can settle into the normal life he yearns, abandoning his estranged knight. Or risk everything he has, all he has achieved, to aid in Agravain’s escape. The second book in the Arthurian fantasy series, The Return of King Arthur. The first book, The Ravenmaster's Revenge, is also available. WARNING: Includes graphic
  *Enhanced narration with music & sound effects* Humanity has finally defeated the Dark Lord, but Morrick fought on the wrong side. Though he was a slave, he is branded a traitor and must earn the trust of new lords in order to return to his family, if they are still alive.... Now that their common enemy is dead, the nobles begin to forget old loyalties, and Queen Cathryn's realm looks set to plunge into war once more. But there are older and more terrible powers dwelling within the forest, and when they are awakened, Morrick will decide who lives or dies.... An epic fantasy production enhanced by special effects. With music by Orchestralis, available at WARNING:  Suicide forms part of this story. To request this audiobook, complete the
  It is the autumn of 2019. Merlin's wayward apprentice has escaped from the tower of London with his raven familiars. Legend foretells that the white tower, then England, will fall. Can King Arthur, a weary veteran of the English Civil War, Waterloo, and the Somme, prevent the Ravenmaster from exacting his revenge? To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free audiobook, please consider leaving a review at Audible. Even brief reviews help authors, narrators and audiobook listeners.