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(No US codes available) *** UK CODES ONLY *** *Other titles in this series also available* I’ll claim my mate, even if he’s on another man’s arm.... When fate lands a punch, she hits hard. I wasn’t looking for my fated mate, but when I saw Danny on a date with one of my pack mates, I knew he had to be mine. The omega is perfect for me, from his enchanting looks to our shared passion for starting a nutrition business. But something is holding him back, and it’s not just the awkward way we met. Danny is brilliant and caring, but I can tell he’s been hurt before. Taking it slow with him isn’t easy, but it’s all worth it to see him smile. Everything is perfect...until my
  Sheriff Brady Schell has never allowed himself to fall in love. He's never so much as been with another man - it's too risky. Ever since he was abandoned as a baby for being an omega, he's understood that to allow yourself to get close to someone means to put your emotional safety on the line. Now 36 and unbonded, his omega instincts are pulling at him, urging him to find a lover - and if he's truthful with himself, he's had his eye on the much younger Shane Raynor ever since he wrote Shane his first speeding ticket. Shane Raynor is hell on wheels - and he knows it. An alpha's alpha, he works hard, and he plays hard, channeling his hot temper into the fast and furious