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To request an audiobook or learn more about it, click the audiobook’s title or “Read More” (opens in a new Tab).

(No US codes available) *Other titles in this series also available* Lea Romero is dead. A week ago, Victor Vane murdered her in LA Confidential, and now, only her ghost remains. Drifting along without purpose, she constantly recalls the advice people keep imploring - she needs help. While she should heed this counsel, doing so would require facing her demons. Lea dreads reliving her homicide and hides from anything that might trigger recollections. These efforts are futile, as reminders press in from all sides. Eventually, the unyielding pressure forces her to act, but she bypasses professional help and instead learns of her grisly fate - a decision that uncovers a sinister underworld. Turns out, hundreds of murderers stalk virtual reality. Worse, their victims are like her - haunted ghosts pushed
(No US codes available) *** UK Codes Only *** *Other titles in this series also available* The year is 2040, and Eric Ryan hates technology. In an era where automated systems and AI robots perform most work obligations, scores of humans have lost their societal value. As these displaced people struggle with their new reality, Eric sympathizes with their hardship. Once a neuropsychologist, his career ended when medical tech pushed him into obsolescence. Now a community therapist, he spends his days working with the displaced, helping them craft meaning in a world that no longer needs them. Then one day, a robot unexpectedly marches into the counseling center for mental health services. Eric is forced to work with the embodiment of what he loathes, and while doing so, he uncovers


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