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*Other titles in this series also available* The Goddesses have given me a second chance to find my soul mate. Lev: I’m a cultural anthropologist, and my time on Earth is almost coming to an end. Finishing assignments is always bittersweet, but this time it's different. I have found my true other half, the other half of my soul. I want to tell her so that we can marry and be together forever. But there’s a serious problem, she doesn’t believe in aliens. Will seven flowers under her pillow tonight convince her of our destiny? *Standalone WARNING: Includes graphic violence and explicit sexual content suitable for adults only. NOTE: Other titles in this series also available (while codes last). To request a code click on the button for US or
*Other titles by this author also available* A human in transit and my heart in jeopardy. Jax: I am the Ambassador to the Agnorrian Empire and bearer of the goddess of home’s eye. I am one of the most important men in the Alliance Empire. However, I’ve had to leave my diplomatic vessel on Earth’s moon for repairs and return to the Empire on a cargo ship. This is unfortunate, but that's not what’s troubling me. The real issue is the young human woman traveling with us. I thought I would never give my heart to another woman after my first wife died, and certainly not to a human, but the goddesses, it seems, have other plans for me. Is it my destiny to take a human wife? WARNING: Includes
*Other titles in this series also available* AN ALIEN EMPIRE. AN INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST DETERMINED TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH. A LOVE DESTINED BY THE GODS. With Earth now ruled by the restrictive and archaic Alliance Empire, people are relying on me to uncover the truth about our alien sovereigns. I can’t pass up the personal invitation from the Empress to tour the Capital City. After a titillating journey to the other side of the galaxy, I arrive in time to witness the severe punishments meted out by our rulers. It’s a stark reminder of why I don’t think humans should be part of the Empire. Yet almost immediately, my ability to remain impassive gets tested by the alien man sent to be my guide… The handsome and virile Captain Lon. Sparks
(No US codes available) *Other titles in this series also available* The Final Book in the Renascence Alliance series. Who Will Be the First Human Empress of the Alliance Empire? Doctor Drusilla James of Imperial House Vo went from being an insignificant human on Earth to one of the most influential women in the Alliance Empire. The goddess of home has granted to her this lofty position in exchange for her everlasting devotion to her and her continuing belief in the Lost People. However, Drusilla veered from the goddess’s path when she accepted Admiral Jei’s tempting offer to reanimate Commander Jane Johnson at the Capital City Hospital, and now she finds herself head-to-head with her adoptive mother for Imperial power. Captain Kara of Imperial House Zu was heavily pressed into
(No US codes available) *Other titles in this series also available* *** UK CODES ONLY *** LOVE, DEATH and RESURRECTION Ward, Prisoner, or Beloved Stepdaughter? Ellie watched her mother’s execution shortly after she arrived in the Alliance Empire. Now she is the Ward of House Rega. The Ward to her deceased mother’s lover and murderer. This last year has gone by in a flurry of confusion and sadness. But things are changing in the Empire, humans are finding loopholes and essentially making the Empire work for them, providing humans with better lives than they could have ever had on Earth. Ellie, taken up with this Lost People Renaissance is no exception. She wants to marry an Outcast, a man whose only crime is that his father is human. Inspired by
** Reviewers Only ** This is a Review Priority giveaway. Please request a code only if you have a genuine intention to leave a review within a month. (No US codes available) *Other titles in this series also available* ***** *** UK Codes Only *** Jane was taken prisoner and then traded to the Alliance Empire. She is forbidden from seeing her human family unless she marries an Alliance man and has a hybrid child. She refuses to marry as she still grieves for the separation from her family on Earth. That is until Jim messages her that her best friend has moved in with her family. To ease the pain, she agrees to an Alliance telepathic medical procedure that suppresses her emotional attachment to Jim. The Alliance doctors caution
*Other titles in this series also available* ***** Abducted or saved? Kol is an Alliance trader and part-time pirate, but when Admiral Tir asks him to retrieve a woman from Earth, despite his reservations about abductions, he could hardly deny the future Emperor of the Alliance. Now Kol may be new to kidnapping, but he’s not new to the filth of the galaxy, and this young woman has been living in one of the filthier places he had ever seen. Morally, he feels he has done her a favor in saving her from galactic poverty. He keeps reassuring her that he is taking her to a better place. Kol doesn't even begin to understand her frustration at being taken. Jesse was walking home when a grey alien abducted her in
** Reviewers Only ** This is a Review Priority giveaway. Please request a code only if you have a genuine intention to leave a review within a month. (No US codes available)   *Other titles in this series also available* *** UK CODES ONLY *** ***** Caught in a love triangle that turns into a love diamond. Jade has just opened the first human restaurant in the illustrious Alliance Empire. Everything in her new life is falling into place, everything except her love life. Her true love is a slave and according to the Imperial Laws, they can never marry. However, Jade is not one to give up so easily and she will do anything to have her man, even if that means invoking an ancient alien law that requires
*Other titles in this series also available* ***** Babette is just a small-town girl. But when she sees the advertisement to become an Alliance man's wife and move to the Capital planet, she knows she has to apply. Mir is special. He was born lucky. Although born into the slave class, Mir was one of the very few switching to the maximum class. He has no intention of marrying an alien until he meets Babette in the high priestess's punishment rooms. It's forbidden for them to be together. Will their secret love last? Follow Babette, who is one of the 1,000 human women brought over by Admiral Tir just following Captain Kara Rainer's Trial. Note: It's recommended you listen to either Married to the Alien Admiral, Renascence Book 1 or