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*Other titles in this series also available* Mary is born into the chilling darkness of the workhouse. To cope with the harsh and hostile environment, she develops inexplicable abilities. At night laying in the coffin-like bed, it is normal for her to hear the creaking floorboards, to see sinister spirits hiding in the shadows, vengeful phantoms, and demons. As a young adult Mary once again finds herself down on her luck and is forced to reenter this most dreaded of places, but this time she is accompanied by her two children. The master of the workhouse believing her to be a bad influence and fearing she would stoke instability among the other inmates quickly throws her back out onto the desolate and dangerous Victorian streets without her babies. During a
*Other titles in this series also available* Mary hoping to leave the hardships and loneliness of her past behind embarks on a new life running a bar in a remote Australian town. The occupants are all driven by fear, striving to survive both mentally and physically in the harsh environment. She dreams of returning to England but that would require a small fortune. After a period of success, the news of a gold strike leaves the town and farms deserted except for old women and teetotallers. Mary’s business is in danger of collapse and what’s worse her son William has disappeared also overcome with gold fever. In London Johnny is reeling from George’s revelation. Knowledge of the devastating family secret and the lingering grief of his mother’s death throws him
*Other titles in this series also available* Johnny Webb, his family, and friends continue to weave their lives as jewellers and shopkeepers into the political and social fabric of the East End of London during the late Victorian era. However, their gifts continue to prevent them from following the common path, and they soon discover that once again they are stuck between worlds, teetering on the edge and staring straight into the cosmic abyss. War reigns in the heavens and upon the earth. Future and past merge. Who is Maya, and why does she visit Noah in his dreams? Who is Ivan, the Russian who brings news from the old country? Who will live, and who will die? NOTE: Other titles in this series also available (while codes last). To