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  A weird assortment of religion-based short stories spanning genres of fantasy, horror, satire, and folklore. Set in an alternate version of our solar system, this collection of tales will entertain believer and skeptic alike. From the author of the Four Winds - One Storm series, herein lay tales of vampires becoming saints, a succubi visiting the Nativity, the anecdotal origin of the Easter Bunny, and many other strange stories. Contains Sex, Violence, and Tobacco Use. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free audiobook, please consider leaving a review at Audible. Even brief reviews help authors, narrators and audiobook listeners.
  What do you do when a whole town is haunted? In 1899, in the North Yorkshire market town of Thorpe Morton, a tragedy occurred; 59 people died at the market hall whilst celebrating Christmas Eve, many of them children. One hundred years on and the spirits of the deceased are restless still, 'haunting' the community, refusing to let them forget. In 1999, psychic investigators Theo Lawson and Ness Patterson are called in to help, sensing immediately on arrival how weighed down the town is. Quickly they discover there's no safe haven. The past taints everything. Hurtling towards the anniversary as well as a new millennium, their aim is to move the spirits on, to cleanse the atmosphere so everyone - the living and the dead - can start again.
  A Christian Romance: Tia Morales is used to calling the shots. She's the director of the popular sitcom Stars Collide, and her life on set is calculated and orderly. Well, most of the time. But her life outside the studio is another matter. If only she could get her family to behave as well as her stars do! When she starts butting heads with handsome camera operator Jason Harris, it's enough to send a girl over the edge. Will she ever learn to let go and take life - and love - as it comes? Full of the humor and crazy family dynamics Janice Thompson fans have come to love, this colorful story gives listeners an inside look at Hollywood and a healthy dose of romance. To request this audiobook,
  ** UK CODES ONLY ** *Entire Series* (NOTE: While codes remain, US Codes for some of the books in this series may be available at this alternate listing) A witch’s familiar must protect London from the monsters that lurk in the shadows; the creatures that seek to unravel the fabric of things and send a city to hell. Stella Familiar was created by the London Coven out of spit and blood. She’s a fighter, a blunt instrument, built to destroy the forces of evil and keep peace in the capital. She’s carried out her duty for decades, but when the witches who gave birth to her are butchered, it’s up to her alone to save a city of nine million people. Mystery, scares, and fast-paced action collide in this
  When Poppy Parker turns 21, the popular TV witch detective discovers she has supernatural powers off the set as well as on. When the show is canceled, she returns home to figure out how to harness the magic brewing inside her. Freaked out by these recent paranormal gifts, Poppy just wants to fit in, so when she's asked to serve as a judge for the annual Bloomin' Belles youth beauty competition she readily agrees. But when the pageant's snooty director drops dead and Poppy's friend is arrested, the former TV sleuth sets out to uncover the real killer, only to find...the business of beauty can be deadly. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other
  *** UK CODES ONLY *** An online connection. Masked by anonymity. No cameras. No pictures. Curiosity ignited to intrigue. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but had no idea how far we would go.... My intention was to test the waters, dip my toe in the wading pool. Instead I surrendered to the world of seduction and submission as he submerged me - body, mind, and soul - into an ocean of eroticism. Emails, texts, and hidden identities were one thing. But now, coming face-to-face with the mystery man, the star of my fantasies, both terrifies and completely thrills me. If all goes according to plan, he will intensify the exquisite bond we share by transporting me to that glorious intersection between agony and ecstasy. If
  *** UK CODES ONLY *** They come from two different worlds. Their love goes against centuries of tradition. But he doesn’t give a damn. Maggie The royal family needs a tutor. Someone they can trust. Someone who isn’t swayed or distracted from their duties by working for royalty. I’m perfect for the position since I don’t know the first thing about English royalty. My father needs money for medical bills, and I’m desperate. The children are charming, and when I meet their handsome older brother, Prince Edward, my heart skips a beat. I may be the tutor. but he’s teaching more than I want to know about falling for the wrong man. He’s a player, and I need this job, so I try to stay away. Keyword: try. Edward
  *** UK CODES ONLY *** Lars Gunner, the frontman for Silent Plaids, died 23 years ago, and his death was ruled an unfortunate accident. Despite the fact that he can't recall what happened to him in his last moments of life, he is convinced that he was murdered. He has been trapped in limbo until his daughter Cecilia unearths his journal and is able to see him. She seeks help from Kaleb, a psychic, but as they resurrect the past, the secrets and lies surrounding Lars' rock-and-roll life just may be the death of them, too. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. *** UK CODES ONLY *** Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free
  "Forge alliances. Gain powers. Save the realm." In the realm of Valion, a war is fought between the vile demons of the under-realm and the mighty scions, mystical beings with the power to wield super-human abilities. It is a war that turns cities to ash, that leaves the very land itself ravaged and uninhabitable.... The scions fought valiantly, but even with their powers they were no match for the demonic horde. With the realm in ruin and no one to oppose them, Valion’s dark forces set their sights on a new world...Earth. Now, fierce dragons rule the skies of North America. Savage hordes burn and pillage the world's great cities. Civilization sits on the brink of total collapse. People have been forced to end their lives of convenience and
  Sometimes the most novel approach to love comes when we least expect it... A lot can happen at a book convention, but for a conservative romance author like me, things remained fairly predictable. Until the unofficial king of smut crashed into my life, leaving sparks— and our luggage flying around us I had never heard of the illustrious Gage Blackstone, but after two seconds in his presence, my mind was conjuring up scenes that wouldn’t make it into my sweet stories. He was worldly, gorgeous and his eyes promised naughty things to come. Things I never knew I wanted. My annoying inner vixen is begging to be set free, but it's going to take a whole lot of charm, wit, and patience from Gage to convince me hand over
  *** UK CODES ONLY *** From the moment she laid eyes upon him, Marley knew in her heart that James was not just another client, and the difference wasn't even the large sum of money he offered in return for a single night of submission. No, what set him apart was the fact that when she called James "daddy," it was her own heart which beat faster and her own body which ached with need. After that night, Marley does her best to put all thought of him behind her, using the huge payday he provided to get on her feet again and start over…until James knocks on her door and walks right back into her life. He makes her a simple offer: if she will live with him
  In this companion volume to Brave Parenting, Krissy Pozatek, author of The Parallel Process, employs the skills she learned in wilderness therapy to show how teachers can build emotional resilience, regulation, and mindfulness in their students, as well as nurture their ability to problem-solve and develop life-skills. With examples drawn from the practical experiences of Sarah Love, a fourth-grade teacher, Krissy demonstrates how educators can create a dynamic and engaged student body, communicate effectively, and manage emotions and expectations in contemporary classrooms, schools, and in parent-teacher relationships. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free audiobook, please consider leaving a review at Audible. Even brief reviews help authors, narrators and audiobook
  Amazon can be a difficult landscape to maneuver considering category restrictions, performance reviews, account health and stricter overall policies regarding what you can and can’t sell on their platform. Amazon is cracking down hard on dropshippers that ship bad quality products, typically from China, with ridiculously long delivery times that leave customers hanging. These are not the type of sellers that Amazon tolerates and they kick them out quickly. The problem is that this is the average advice that you will receive about dropshipping online. The average advice will earn you a swift ban on Amazon. This book is not the average advice. Let's actually make some real money with higher margin (30% +) and keep our account privileges. Amazon loves sellers like us! To request this audiobook, complete
*Other titles in this series listed* The beautiful and alluring Tammy Rankin and her brother Andy were positively grief-stricken when their well-to-do father died of a fatal heart attack. In fact, their grief was intensified when they realized that their young stepmother stood to inherit his vast fortune - that is, unless they could somehow suggest foul play and pin a murder rap on the woman, notwithstanding her probable innocence. They obviously needed to enlist the services of someone who was totally devoid of any amount of scruples whatsoever. A perfect cue, then, for the entrance of self-proclaimed unscrupulous bastard Brett Cornell who, as expected, is instantly attracted to the prospect of getting his own greedy hands on a portion of the Rankin inheritance - and on the lovely Tammy
  *** US CODES ONLY *** After her father's death the previous year, and, now, in the throes of a gnarly teacher's beady eye (as she thinks ahead to college), a small black arachnid bites 15-year-old Susie Speider on the finger and sends her nights into fantastical dreams about taking revenge on her teacher - one, Ms. Morlson - who, ultimately, holds Susie's college aspirations in the sweaty palm of her cold calloused hand. But when Susie figures out the dreams are real, she ups the ante by visiting Morlson the Spider! And, oh, by the way! Who is that cute boy spider munching on flies, hiding over there in the corner? Troubled in Paradise is a love story of epic proportions and a tale of loss and forgiveness. Just
  In the summer of 1985, 15-year-old Sam Crowhurst discovers an old, abandoned cinema that screens movies made by ghosts, for ghosts. Sam and his friends Emma and David find themselves drawn into a world where the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Lon Chaney, and Theda Bara are still making pictures, where Harold Lloyd and John Belushi team up for roustabout comedies, and Karloff and Lugosi appear in films scripted by Edgar Allan Poe. Sam comes to learn the mysteries of the Electric cinema and his part to play in its long and strange history. The Electric is about movies, ghosts, and that ephemeral moment in all of our lives: childhood. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search
  "I loved everything about this book!"  "Wonderful"  "Entertaining and engaging right from the start." For as long as Lottie Fiske can remember, the only people who seem to care about her have been her best friend, Eliot, and the mysterious letter-writer who sends her birthday gifts. But now strange things and people are arriving on the island Lottie calls home, and Eliot's getting sicker, with a disease the doctors have given up trying to cure. Lottie is helpless, useless, powerless. And then a door opens in the apple tree. Follow Lottie down through the apple roots to another world - a world of magic both treacherous and beautiful - in pursuit of the impossible: a cure for the incurable, a use for the useless, and protection against the pain
  Growing Up in Disneyland is part biography about Ron's father, Broadway, movie, and TV star, Don DeFore, and his own autobiography. Don DeFore earned a star on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame and was a household name in the 1950s and '60s. He co-starred in numerous TV shows, live theater, and feature films with many Hollywood legends. He is best known for The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, in which he played the next-door neighbor, "Thorny", and his costarring role as "Mr. B" in the 1960s TV series Hazel. The book includes much of Don's unpublished autobiography, Hollywood-DeFore 'n After. Growing Up in Disneyland is a metaphor for Ron's life growing up in a celebrity family filled with Fantasyland adventures he equates to a Forest Gump-type life, from meeting the Beatles, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin,
  God wants to answer your prayers without begging, claiming, arguing, or bargaining. Learn how a successful Christian book publishing business began with a vision from God on the side of a busy interstate highway. The Prayer God Loves to Answer is a fascinating story of a man who said "yes" to God, which led to extraordinary opportunities in the spiritual and physical worlds. Through powerful personal stories and biblical encouragement, author and pastor Don Nori Sr. shares how God's plan and desire is for you to say "yes" to Him, no matter what. The blessings of Heaven are released when you agree with His purposes and dreams for you. Yes!: The Prayer God Loves to Answer unlocks: God's Power and Passion. Successful Careers. Happy Marriages. Dreams and Desires. The Kingdom of God. For
  Through some personal turmoil, I've managed to salvage the best of my life, but not until after it was all ripped away by one man's ignorance and greed as 20 federal agents ascended on my Manhattan apartment in the early hours of the morning. Disclaim and Disclose is the true story of how my early childhood and deceptive business associate landed my name on the top of a securities criminal indictment stemming from a Panamanian drug cartel investigation. Determined and on the elusive hunt for love, I found myself surrounded by the financial arena's acquisitive players and their fury for cold hard cash. Everything I had worked so hard for, including my reputation, was now desecrated as my name was being negatively scrawled across the top of national news
  A sweet historical western romance: Daisy Weathers travels to Texas as a mail order bride. The would-be groom takes one look at her scarred face and walks away without a word. The jilted Daisy is humiliated and despondent, knowing this was her last chance at marriage. Sterling, a handsome cowboy, is rolled out of the back of a wagon and abandoned. He’s been injured, and now it’s life or death. Since the end of the Civil war he’s been busy trying to keep his outlaw brother from hanging. Now when it’s almost too late he wishes he had found a wife, settled down and had children. Penniless Daisy finds a job as a nurse for Sterling. But he has problems of his own, and soon, trouble finds them both.
  In winter of 1888, the small town of Garden City, Kansas receives an early Christmas present: a new pastor. He's young, handsome, and single. But to church organist Kristina Heitschmidt, he's nothing but trouble - especially as his first move is to take away her control of the music. Kristina is not about to give up her life’s work. With Christmas fast approaching, it appears the two are at a stalemate... until a sudden blizzard traps them together in the church overnight. Forced at last to deal with each other, they realize that the explosive feelings between them are really symptoms of an overwhelming passion that just might lead to the love of a lifetime. This western romance includes explicit sex scenes. To request this audiobook, complete the form
  Is it love at first sight or a gamble of fate? Captain James Harlow, third son of a viscount, expects nothing from life and yearns for adventure. He gets his wish when he’s overcome by a group of young miscreants with ties to the peerage, losing his hand in the encounter...and nearly his life. If not for a mysterious mermaid who emerges from the depths to save him. Ione isn’t like the other Nereids. Her scales and hair aren’t as bold in color, and she has no desire to drown the mortals with whom she mates. So when a handsome mortal is left to die in the sea before her eyes, she can’t stop herself from saving him - and trading her fins for legs to follow him on
  How would you feel coming home to find a family living in your house who call you Sarah, tell you your brother's name is Andy, and insist that you should be ashamed of calling the police for help? My name is Rowena Shaw and I've never seen any of them before. They are total strangers. It's Thursday and it's just the beginning. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free audiobook, please consider leaving a review at Audible. Even brief reviews help authors, narrators and audiobook listeners.
  ***UK Codes Only *** *Other titles in this series also available* Lady Eleanor Petersham knows exactly what she wants from her marriage - a man who will worship at her feet. Instead, her father marries her off to her brother's best friend, the devastatingly handsome, authoritative, and devilishly dominant Lord Edwin Hyde. It doesn't matter that he makes her entire body tingle when he kisses her, or brings her to heights of pleasure she's never known, or how he disciplines her when she plays nasty tricks on him - like throwing a dinner party which only includes dishes with ingredients he despises - she's not willing to give up on her version of marriage without a fight. Pain and pleasure struggle for dominance the same way husband and wife
  At the turn of the 20th century, many affluent Brooklyn teens and young adults were bucking the constraints of their immigrant parents and behaving badly: drinking, having sex, staying out all night, stealing, scamming local businesses, and engaging in other more serious activities. When 20-year-old Walter Brooks was murdered in a seedy Manhattan hotel in 1902, the ensuing court case was front-page news throughout the country. The hearings featured testimonies about these young people’s secret lives that shocked parents and inspired much editorial commentary in the newspapers. From start to finish, the case was viewed as a cautionary tale for parents, for boys who could be led astray, and for girls who risked their reputations to be popular. Set against the colorful backdrop of Coney Island, roadhouses, forbidden dance
  "That woman is evil. She is evil!" Ejaz Ahmad was handsome, charismatic, and a self-made businessman. He arrived in the United States from Pakistan determined to fulfill his mother's dying wish: to come to America, complete his education, and make his mark in the world. Settling in Memphis, Tennessee, Ejaz became owner of several businesses, father to a handsome boy, and a devout Muslim. The only thing missing in his life was a wife, someone special to protect, honor, and love. Leah Ward was a pretty girl, but a prison parolee with a history of drug charges, petty crime, and a questionable past. She led a flotsam life, drifting from town to city to state. When she was introduced to Ejaz Ahmad, she believed she had found the ultimate
  "Riveting"  "I couldn't put it down!"  "Not just another addiction memoir"  "Must read!" The phrase "heroin saved my life" could be considered both controversial and even offensive to some. However, in Chasing a Flawed Sun, the author shows us how, after breaking him down and almost taking his life several times, the battle with the drug did just that. This is a true story. A transparent story of the life of a young man in America, who, like many of our lost youth, found his way into the drug culture. This story is an autopsy into the mind, heart, and soul of an addict. It begins at childhood and takes us through the thoughts, turmoil, and inner conflicts of a person lost in the undercurrent of addiction, and ends in
  No one can hide from ripples. Throw that one pebble and its effects can last a lifetime. Have hope. Sixteen years old, bullied, heartbroken, and alone. The voices are heard, always, and they're much stronger than you think. Turning inside and listening to that voice, young Jo starts a desperate internal battle with that voice, one she had no idea could almost kill her. This audiobook contains, poems, stories, and journal entries bringing the realities of eating disorders to light through the darkest and the lightest of times. The struggles are real, the hope for recovery so far away...but possible. Trigger warning - contains deep poetry and inner thoughts, from physical to mental abuse to suicide. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search
  Described by one reviewer as "bloody accurate", The Nationalists is an Irish story set against the bloody backdrop of the 1916 Easter Rising, the War of Independence, and the Irish Civil War. From the author of The Scribe, The Soaring Spirit, Kolbe, and Land of Our Father comes a sweeping new novel that spans the turbulent years in Irish history - 1916 to 1923. The 1916 Easter Rising wasn't just a military rising, but a cultural revolution too. The Nationalists tells the story of a doomed love affair between a revolutionary journalist and a headstrong Kerry-born Cumann na mBan girl. The story also explores how the Catholic Church viewed the events of the day. Interweaving both factual and fictional characters, the story follows an eccentric array of characters. The Nationalists is the first book of a planned
  If you're interested in spiritual fiction, The Scribe is for you. There is a deep, rich vein of spirituality running through The Scribe, a novel that resurrects the life of Luke the Evangelist. After the crucifixion of Jesus, in its immediate aftermath, a young widower and member of the Sanhedrin becomes disillusioned with the high priests and begins to adopt a Christian way of thinking. Forced to leave Jerusalem, he finds himself in a time that heralded the birth of the gospels. The novel follows an array of characters, both factual and fictional: Mary, the mother of Jesus, Jesus himself, the gospel writers, a mystical figure known as the Seer, and the Santos brothers, a seagoing pair from Hispania, among others. Set against a background of countries that made up
  **Other titles in this series also listed** Maddie is the NPC with attitude! Follow NPC Maddie on her journey of self-discovery, which takes her through the deadly desert plains to the inner programming that makes her who she is. Contains all three books of The Desert Sequence: Desert Runner, Desert Born, and Desert Storm. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free audiobook, please consider leaving a review at Audible. Even brief reviews help authors, narrators and audiobook listeners.
  *** UK CODES ONLY *** Occult investigator Sam Logan receives a cryptic call about a man's missing son that leads him and his partner, Carter Mason - a disabled veteran - into a small town infested with vampires. With each hour they spend in town after dark they discover just how deep the infestation runs and just how unlikely father and son will be reunited. Trail of Blood is an exciting, blood-soaked, pause-resister for fans of The Lost Boys and Hellblazer. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. *** UK CODES ONLY *** Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free audiobook, please consider leaving a review at Audible. Even brief reviews help authors, narrators and
  *** UK CODES ONLY *** Every day for Becker Gray is a struggle to keep himself from collapse, and the best way he's discovered to do that is to hide from his past, his guilt, and his pain. He's been known to overthink, overdrink, and under-sleep. His job as a detective in the major crimes division affords him the luxury of keeping his mind off his tragic personal life, being too busy to drink, and making good use of the time he's not sleeping. And this kidnapping case is another great opportunity to avoid his life. That is, until he identifies too much with the victim. Valerie Hardy was terrorized as a child. As a result, her protective parents forced her into an existence of isolation and detachment -
  If you love Unicorns, you'll love this audiobook. Jokes are an important part of growing up. A day without laughing and learning is a day wasted. You do not have to understand every joke. You will get it as you grow older. If you don’t get a joke, you can do several things: Ask someone else to explain the joke, think about the joke and try to figure it out yourself, forget about the joke until you are older, or pretend like you get the joke and laugh. To remember any joke, you tell 10 or more different people the same joke and then it’s yours and you will remember it! To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here
  Why are there bullies and what can you do about them? This audiobook is written for children, parents, counselors, and teachers to review or open discussions about bullying and what to do about it. To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free audiobook, please consider leaving a review at Audible. Even brief reviews help authors, narrators and audiobook listeners.
  Night The town of Yocum Valley is in for the longest, darkest night it has ever known. A night that will make some doubt their sanity, and others fear for their lives. A night when the heinous curse of its tainted ancestry will rise, in the form of a living horror, to seek savage vengeance.... Winter The beast will stalk during the coldest, cruelest winter on record, in a place that is frozen, snowbound...and trapped at the mercy of something unspeakable, with a taste for human flesh and a thirst for human blood.... Death It's waiting in the cold and dark to strike, again and again. And the terrified, disbelieving citizens are about to find themselves under siege - by something partly human partly animal... and completely deadly. To
  Apple, Massachusetts, is rotten to the core. Every fall, when the orchards ripen and the leaves begin to die, there are murders. We know it, and we accept it. It's the price we pay for living in Apple. Families mourn, but no one is ever caught. Now, there's a body in the woods, and the cycle is starting again. People bruise easily in Apple. Finding a murdered and mutilated girl plunges Jackson Gill into the middle of a decades-old horror. For Jackson, the newest murders become personal. His mentally ill sister knows far more about the murders than anyone restrained in a basement room should know. When one by one, her sick, cryptic predictions prove true, Jackson will have to believe the unthinkable and stop what no one has
  Face it - we are a nation of complainers. We complain when our team loses, when the TV program's dull, when the weather turns on us. We grumble about bad politicians and stupid laws and shoes that pinch. The average American complains an average of 20 times a day! You need to know how to complain effectively, to make your voice heard. A smart consumer will save money, time, and aggravation. I'm surprisingly good at getting results. I have saved more money than I can tell you by not paying for faulty products, and even more by using the vouchers for free products that companies almost always send to me once I bring an issue to their attention. This commonsense and humorous guide will show you how to get
  Depressed over her youngest son leaving two years early for college– across the country no less! – Jerria takes up her husband Will’s offer of a relaxing Hawaiian cruise. But, a series of ominous events onboard the Ocean Haven squashes any idea of a calm tropical vacation. Soon Jerria’s very life is in danger, and she can’t blame the mythical Pele for this one! To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free audiobook, please consider leaving a review at Audible. Even brief reviews help authors, narrators and audiobook listeners.
  Against the beauty of an Alaskan cruise, passengers begin suffering from something more than routine seasickness. Jerria suspects they are being systematically poisoned. Can she discover who’s behind the nefarious plan before succumbing to it herself? If you love a mild mystery or dream of a cruise, grab Murder on Deck! To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening to your free audiobook, please consider leaving a review at Audible. Even brief reviews help authors, narrators and audiobook listeners.
  Tips from the Cruise Addict's Wife is a travel/tour book with a twist; it's like sharing a cuppa with a good friend who just happens to know more than you do. This book is loaded with tips and tricks to plan the best cruise ship vacation ever! It's laced with personal stories that will have you grinning. It's all you need to know to plan a once-in-a-lifetime cruise vacation, even if you're still in the just-dreaming-about-it stage. Want to know what to do in ports, and how to avoid touristy places? Exactly what to pack and what not to bring? How to deal with onboard laundry? How to have a frugal yet amazing experience? What is included in your cruise price? How to treat your cabin steward? Advice and tips
  In this warm, Christian historical fiction, Henrietta, a tough, 95-plus-year-old North Dakota cattle rancher, weakened from a bout of pneumonia, comes to live with her great-niece in rural Oregon, bringing the family treasure with her. From the time of Queen Elizabeth I, each generation of the Van Demere family has added a cookie cutter to the collection, marking milestones, passing down their oral history. Each cookie cutter’s vignette tells a story of American history, including WWII spies, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Underground Railroad, indentured servitude, pioneers crossing the plains and the gold rush, barnstormers, orphan trains, safari, and the Titanic. Testaments of faith and strong women through generations. Henrietta feels a bounden duty to pass the stories to Jerria. Will she complete the family heritage before it’s
  “Dimmie, my boy, it looks like you’re going on a luxury cruise.” With those words, the hot-headed Irish mobster sends his best hitman to take out his old rival. He’ll never control the mob so long as Kerrick is alive. Dimmie (short for Dim Wit) O’Malley, who has never been out of New York City, is trapped in a life he didn’t choose. With one misstep, he has a change of heart that puts his own life in danger. A former mob boss, grieving the loss of his wife, refuses to stay in Witness Protection another day, and retires on a cruise ship. Having no idea he’s Dimmie’s next target, will his old skills save him in time? When their paths collide on a luxurious New England cruise ship,
  *** UK CODES ONLY *** The Wolf is handsome, calculating, and rumors say even cruel. He owns the local bank and pretty much everything else in town. He's also the man of the house. Well, he was. When I find out that he's foreclosing on my grandmother's property, I'm furious. I go to the bank and demand that he forgive her debt, but I don't have much to offer in exchange, especially not money. With a not-so-innocent grin, he proposes a deal. Three days with me, doing anything he desires, and he'll forgive my grandmother's debt. The catch? If I deny him anything, the deal is off - and he evicts my grandmother immediately. With no other options, I accept his offer, but will I be able to hold
  On the brink of chaos, the journey of survival begins. Landon Gray, a skillful "ferry pilot" who delivers planes to customers has one final drop in Alabama before Christmas. But when an EMP causes the plane he’s in to crash on the remote, snow-covered mountains of North Carolina, he’s rescued by Beth "Bluebird" Sullivan, who claims to have lived off the grid since she was born. Beth brings him back to an isolated cabin to recover while waiting for her father to come back from the nearby town. When he doesn’t return, Beth grows increasingly worried while Landon struggles with being far from home. Discovering what the country has suffered is just the beginning, they must now learn to trust each other in order to survive the extreme elements
  *** UK CODES ONLY *** He's a supreme dragon lord at the height of his power, but there's a conspiracy brewing.  Old Dark is a viperous dragon lord who rules the world with brute force. For 200 years, he and his dragons have terrorized humanity, forcing it to pay tribute or die. Dark's palace of blood and bone sits on caverns of treasure. He's stockpiled all the world's magic for his own personal use, making him akin to a god. There is another dragon in Dark's inner circle who wants Dark's power and fortune for himself. And if Dark doesn't stop his own overthrow, he'll suffer a fate far worse than death. But Dark won't fall easily. There's a reason the ancients called him Dark the Wicked.... This is
  *** UK CODES ONLY *** Kiss him. Don't fall in love. Break a spell with a kiss. Karina has heard and seen enough weird stuff for this request to sound legit. At 16, Karina has a shot at adventure--and an odd first kiss - when she's called to Whyland, a kingdom in another dimension, to save a guy she barely knows. Why her? No clue, but she's happy to help, and kissing Sian isn't torture, even if he isn't to be trusted. Karina's smart enough not to fall in love - or at least to tell herself not to. Once in Whyland, she realizes that risking a broken heart is the smallest of her problems. When truths are unraveled, Karina will need to stand between an ancient darkness and
  Fitting a relationship into a double life is a full-time job and with a super villainess riding shotgun, the power is up for grabs. Daisy Ellis has a secret. By day she is a mild mannered CPA, but when the sun goes down, her inner domme comes out to prowl in a local dungeon wearing a Catwoman mask. Powerful men grovel at her feet, but none are the sort she wants to bring home to meet her family. And vanilla men just don't make her purr. What's a girl to do? Cue Batman. Duran Price is everything Daisy could ever want...except submissive. Will she choose the potential love of her life over her love of the BDSM lifestyle? To request this audiobook, complete the form below. Or click here
    An explosive family of three young sisters and their promiscuous mother descends into suicide and murder in this tragic tale told in five different characters' points of view, chronicling a critical period of time in the lives of a tormented family of women and their men.     Click here to search for other audiobooks. Click here to search for other audiobooks. After listening, please rate each audiobook at Audible, and consider leaving a short review. Ratings and reviews help authors, narrators and audiobook listeners.