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Written by Austin Bates

Narrated by C.S. Harder

Duration 33 hours and 21 minutes

*Entire Series* Books 1 to 5 (33+ hours)

Book 1: Crushing on My Father’s Best Friend


I can’t love him. It’s not allowed.

Twenty years ago, I made a promise. If anything ever happened to Marc – my best friend – I’d step up and take care of his wife and baby son.

I never thought I’d have to honor it. Never even dreamed that something would happen to him. He was an unyielding presence in my life. Always solid. Always there.

And now he’s dead. Murdered in cold blood.

His wife, Lindy, is holding in there.  But his son, Mason, isn’t coping very well at all. It’s gotten so bad that he may have to postpone his final semester of university. All I want to do is look out for him, and having me around seems to help.

But I have a secret. It’s more than grief. Mason wants me – the way an omega wants their alpha. And heaven help me, but I want him, too.

I’m so sorry, Marc. I love your son. And now I don’t know what to do.

Crushing On My Father’s Best Friend is a dual point of view, contemporary mpreg audio book featuring a guaranteed happy ending and the healing that comes through the power of love. The first in its series, this title can be listened to as a standalone book.

Book 2: In Love with My Bestie


Sawyer can spot a bad boyfriend at a hundred paces….

Liars, cheaters, and worse, he can’t seem to stay away. If it weren’t for Axel Lewis, he wouldn’t be able to put himself back together after every heartbreak. Ax is kind, protective, and way too good for the mess that is Sawyer Clarke. But when one of his terrible exes starts causing trouble, Sawyer will need the help of his best friend to stay out of danger. And maybe, just maybe, there might be more between them than he’s ever dared to dream.

He’s been waiting for years….

It’s torture to watch the man he loves go through terrible boyfriends who don’t deserve him, and Ax won’t let that happen again. He’s been Sawyer’s best friend since they were kids, and he’s secretly pined for years. Now, he’s ready to make his move and be the man standing at Sawyer’s side for good.

But with Sawyer’s ex ready to cause trouble, it may already be too late. Danger lurks in their sedate town, and when they’re ready for their chance at love it could be ripped away before it can begin.

Love hasn’t come easily or stayed long for the men of Knot Pointe, Colorado. But now luck is on their side. They’ll seize their second chances and find the loves of their lives! This audiobook and every other audiobook in the Second Chance Lovers Series can be enjoyed in any order!

Book 3: Falling for My Lawyer


He’s running himself ragged to keep his family together…

Wyatt’s always been the caretaker for his three younger siblings, but when his parents’ negligence becomes too much, he needs to step in and make things official. Keeping the kids out of foster care and raising them by himself is almost too much for one 24 year old to handle, but he’ll do anything to protect his family. Even if it means turning to a staid and surprisingly attractive lawyer who’s willing to take his case on a pro bono basis.

He’s the best family lawyer in the state…

Forty year old Carter admires Wyatt’s determination to raise his siblings despite his young age. And they should have no problem keeping things professional. After all, Wyatt is too young for him and way too busy taking care of three kids. But the more time that Carter spends with the family, the more he finds himself fitting in and hoping for more.

As long nights with Wyatt burn with the promise of passion, Carter will need to decide if he’s ready to risk his heart to take a chance at having everything he always wanted with a man and a family he never knew he could need.

Love hasn’t come easy or stayed long for the men of Knot Pointe, Colorado. But now luck is on their side. They’ll seize their second chances and find the loves of their lives! This audiobook and every other audiobook in the Second Chance Lovers Series can be enjoyed in any order.

Book 4: Falling in Love with Someone so Different


This strong-willed alpha gets what he wants…

As a stupid kid, Isaac broke up with his true love Grayson, so he could pursue the limelight of the modelling world. But after a hiccup in his career, he’s back in Knot Pointe and ready to win Gray back. Gray isn’t the same boy that Isaac once loved. He’s blossomed into a confident man, and Isaac has his work cut out for him if they’re going to be together again.

Omega Grayson isn’t ready to risk his heart a second time…

It tore him up when Isaac left to become a model, and it only got worse once they lost touch completely. But Gray has put himself back together, and he’s stronger now than ever before. When Isaac rolls back into town ready for their relationship to fall back into place, Gray isn’t so sure. He needs to know that Isaac won’t leave him again before he’s willing to risk his heart once more.

And when Gray is finally ready to dive in, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity might send Isaac back out the door. Will they allow history to repeat itself? Or will their love be strong enough the second time around?

Love hasn’t come easy or stayed long for the men of Knot Pointe, Colorado. But now, luck is on their side. They’ll seize their second chances and find the loves of their lives!

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Book 5: Competing for his Heart


An irresistible alpha won’t stop him from seizing his dream…

There’s one perfect place in town for Hunter’s new club, and it’s across the street from the old biker bar. He’s not there to cause trouble, but he’s not backing down. Besides, if setting up shop means he gets eye candy in the form of the gorgeous and rough alpha who owns the bar…well, Hunter isn’t complaining.

As the heat between them smolders, and a simple prank war escalates, Levi and Hunter will need to decide what’s more important: Business…or love.


WARNING : Includes explicit sexual content suitable for adults only.


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