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Written by P.C. Zick

Narrated by Tiffany Trythall

Duration 10 hours and 56 minutes

*Multiple Audiobooks* Books 2 to 4 (10+ hours)

*Other titles in this series also available*


Book 2: Misty Mountain

A single dad. A woman who’s the victim of emotional abuse from her parents. Love grows and then falters under the weight of rumors and threats to thwart it.
Lacy is tired of losing at love. After her last heartbreak, she struggles to trust again. She doubts if she even deserves love. George returns to his hometown after a nasty divorce. He strives to be an attentive father to his troubled child. With the end of his marriage, he feels he can’t trust any woman ever again.

When George begins booking bands at Misty Mountain where Lacy waits tables, they begin dating and are drawn to one another. Set in the bar, the booker and bartender attempt to forge a relationship.

However, the death of Lacy’s sister ten years earlier creates tension between her and George’s ex-wife, Becca, who threatens to take away George’s visitation rights with his son, Jed, if he continues to date Lacy. When Jed sets fire to George’s house, Lacy and George decide to call it quits, convincing one another that being apart will solve all the problems in their life. Except it only complicates and hinders what they both want. This mountain man and the discouraged woman must face all the forces that threaten to rip them apart.

There is no hope for them unless George can learn to stand up to Becca and do what is best for Jed and himself. And Lacy must face her past and learn she deserves to go where her heart leads.
Misty Mountain, a second chance and small town family romance, is the second book in the Smoky Mountain Romance series where a community of mountain folk band together to make families of their own choosing. Each heartwarming story builds on the idea of community and family as the cornerstone to happiness.

Book 3: Mountain Miracles

A start-up newspaper by a mountain man. A new coffee shop next door started by a career woman. Two fledgling entrepreneurs forced together by circumstance–drawn together by chemistry. A rural first love romance.

Sissy wants to escape the grasp of her mother by moving to a new community and opening a coffee shop. David hopes to make a success of his own newspaper despite his father’s wishes he practice law.

When Sissy and David both move to the small Smoky Mountain town of Laurel, they are strangers but not for long. Renting storefronts next door to one another forces them together, while others in town decide they should become more than neighboring businesses.

The characters from the previous Smoky Mountain Romances by P.C. Zick return in this heartwarming tale of families, friends, and love triumphing over heartbreak and tragedy.

However, before Sissy and David can forge a relationship, they must stand on their own as individuals. Sissy must break free of her controlling mother, and David must learn the truth about his own Cherokee mother who he thought had died long ago. As both of them seek the comfort of family they’ve never known, they struggle to forgive, allowing the attraction to turn into something more.

Mountain Miracles is the third book in the Smoky Mountain series of sweet, small town romances. If you love a touching first romance with moral and decent characters, then you’ll be captivated and enchanted with this series.

Book 4: A Merry Mountain Christmas

The first one love story. A widow left alone on her rural farm until her first love returns. A mountain man and the only woman he’s ever loved are brought together in this sweet holiday romance with a little help from the animals they rescue.

Fran is adjusting after her husband’s death when her first love comes back to the small town of Laurel, North Carolina, upsetting her family and leading her to an inspiration. Fran first fell in love with Michael as a teenager. When he broke her heart, she married Carl and lived a happy life for more than thirty years until Carl died tragically. Just when she’s becoming fed up with the well-meaning, yet tiresome comments about Carl’s death, her first love returns and stirs long-forgotten emotions.

The characters from the previous Smoky Mountain Romances by P.C. Zick return to tell Fran’s story filled with heartwarming tales of families, friends, and love triumphing over heartbreak and tragedy. You’ll love this sweet Christmas tale featuring rescue dogs and love returning just in time for the merriest holiday of all.

A Merry Mountain Christmas is the fourth book in the Smoky Mountain Romances series of sweet, small town love stories. If you love a touching sweet romance with moral and decent characters, then you’ll be captivated and enchanted with this series.


*Other titles in this series also available*

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