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Spotlight: Romance Author, L.C. Taylor

Behind the scenes of the audiobook industry:

An exclusive interview with romance author, LC Taylor. 

Welcome, LC!  Tell us about your author journey.

I’ve been writing for a little over two years, with my first book published in July of 2017. As at December 2019, I have 15 books published on Amazon, with many more scheduled for 2020. I have always loved writing. I actually had a poem published when I was in eighth grade as part of an anthology, but didn’t pursue writing until recently. Currently, I teach middle school students as a full-time job. Eventually, I’d like to write full-time instead. I started writing in 2017 as an escape from some personal stress in my life. My husband was the one who encouraged me to try to publish my first book. Once I did, it became an addiction. Writing and weaving stories is a passion I hope to turn into something big.

What have been some milestones in your career?

Writing and publishing my tenth book was huge for me. It was that moment when I realized I could do this.

How has your style changed over time?

As with any writer, time allows you to hone your craft. I hope I’ve become a better writer. The biggest change was going from writing everything in first person to writing in third person. I found it makes telling the story easier – and I as a reader prefer third person narratives.

Describe your typical author workday.

There is nothing typical about a workday for me as a writer. Since I still have to work full-time, I essentially write in my spare moments.  I try to write until I am too tired or have achieved 3000 words that day. Usually, I hit 5000 before stopping, but having a 3000 word goal keeps me moving. Either way, the amount varies depending on the needs of my family or my job. Oh yeah, did I mention I have a nine-year-old and a twelve-year-old? They keep me pretty busy!

Where do you find inspiration for topics, plot and characters?

Well … every story, except for my first series, was developed over breakfast at IHOP (International House of Pancakes, for those outside America). Seriously! My husband and I get to talking and before I know it, I have a whole new series planned out. He’s my sounding board. Once I get an idea for a story, I think up the characters. They drive the plot.

Do you work on more than one project at once? 

I have been known to work on three books at once.

Do you map out everything before you write or let it carry you along wherever it will? 

People tell me I’m a ‘pantser’. Meaning I write by the seat of my pants. I don’t use an outline or pre-determine my chapters. I come up with the story’s beginning and ending – then flow from there.

Is it hard work, or does your work ‘write itself’?  What makes it harder some days than others?

I think that depends on what’s happening in life at the time I am writing the story. Sometimes it’s hard to get the story flowing – other times I can’t stop writing and before I know it, it’s 3am.

What aspects of being an author are fun?  What do you love about what you do?

I just love to write. So far it seems others enjoy what I’ve written, and that keeps me writing more. I really enjoy author events and meeting people. Getting to see the readers and connect is an awesome feeling.

What aspects are not so fun.  What do you like the least? 

Advertising sucks. Social media is hard. I would say it’s the least exciting aspect of being a self-published author. I try to connect with others on social media that help get my information out there and vice versa. There is nothing worse than coming across a self-serving author who snubs you. We are all in this for the same reason, and there are TONS of readers to reach. So there is no reason not to help each other.

What drew you to the genres in which you write?  What do you love about those genres?

I write in the Romance genre! Shifter Romance, Military Romance, Hero Romance, Smalltown Romance… See – anything romance.  I do have one Psychological Thriller published… and maybe I’ll write more of those, but for now, I plan to stick to romance. I like writing stories that make people feel good.

What brought about your decision to produce your work in audio? 

So many people like to listen while they drive to and from work. My best friend begged me to get my books on audio so she could listen. Once I did, there was no stopping me.

How did you go about getting your work into audio?

Every book I’ve written has been produced for Audible.  I search for an available narrator, listen to their audition, and if they bring my story to life, we strike a deal.

How much involvement did you have in audiobook production? 

Except for selecting the narrator and providing the manuscript, the audiobook production is all managed by the narrator. I essentially tell them the general feel, what I am thinking about the character, and what I want to convey to the listener. They take it from there.

Was it difficult producing your audiobooks?  Did anything surprise you about the process?

Its actually an easy process to get started. Finding the narrator who makes your book alive can be a challenge, but overall, it’s not difficult. The biggest surprise maybe is I usually never talk to the narrator – except through email. Other than hearing their audition, I can honestly say there has only been one time I ever talked to one on the phone.

What advice would you give to authors contemplating audiobook production?

Do it. You won’t regret it.

What’s the strangest thing about doing what you do, compared to other jobs? 

The fact that I write ADULT naughty romance and I teach middle schoolers. I have to keep the two lives fairly separate. It’s weird.

What personality traits make a good author?  What type of people are suited to do what you do?

My sarcasm and need to tell a story. Also, nothing shocks me, so it’s easy to write about the taboo things without worrying or fearing what someone will say.

Authors need to be observant, perceptive in introspective. What have you learnt about human nature during your career as an author? 

Mean people exist. Happy people are out there, and it doesn’t matter what you say or do, someone will always try to cut you down. The important thing is to focus on the kind people and keep doing what you do.

What are you passionate about?

Living the best life I can.

Which do you feel is more important in your writing – the small, individual ‘moments’ or the overarching ‘big picture’?

The small individual moments. Each book is a child to me, and you don’t love one child more than the other. thanks LC Taylor for making herself available for this exclusive interview.

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