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Written by Commander James Bondage

Narrated by Island Dom, Elliot Daniels, Todd Daniels, Mike Hunt, Sky Wildmist

Duration 33 hours

*Multiple Audiobooks* Books 1 to 8 (33 hours)


Book 1: Swallowed by the Sea: Three Novels

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Swallowed by the Sea: Three Novels compiles the first three novels of this popular BDSM series in one volume.

Mr. Stern’s Island: The daughters of billionaire Charles Pennington and their tutor are rescued from their stricken yacht in a violent storm, only to find they have been abducted by their father’s vengeful enemy, Robert Stern. Inside his secret island hideaway, to trains the girls as sex slaves, as plot of his plan for revenge.

Reunion: The Pennington girls’ beautiful stepmother is caught in Stern’s web, and she too is cruelly trained in her former lover’s secret island hideaway to become another obedient sex toy.

Hostile Takeover: Stern abducts fellow billionaire Sidney Collins’ wife and daughters at the latter’s request, after Collins discovers the women had been planning to murder him for his fortune. Elinor, Juliette, and Gloria Collins are no more able to withstand Stern than the Penningtons, and are reduced to complete submission in their captor’s dungeons.

Book 2: Cadets: Three Novels

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Cadets: Three Novels: Set in an alternate United States ruled by the military, Cadets is a three novel series that tells the story of young women trapped in a bizarre military academy. In this alternate America, women have been excluded from military service until the early 21st century, but under a new chief of the general staff, they are allowed to enlist and are even given the opportunity to be commissioned officers, at the new National Women’s Military Academy. But there is a catch: At the NWMA, in addition to military training, the cadets must undergo sexual training consisting of bondage, flagellation, humiliation, and intercourse by way of preparation for serving as “personal” aides for the generals to whom they will be assigned.

Part One: The Academy: Eighteen-year-old Robin Bransom, her friend Jodie Lawrence and 28 other unfortunate young women are chosen to be the first class of cadets at a nightmarish military school.

Part Two: Duty, Service, Country: The Academy expands, and more women, including Robin’s sister, Merry, are tricked into entering the NWMA, where they are cruelly trained and abused.

Part Three: General Staff: NWMA graduate and military genius Jodie Lawrence is now a lieutenant-general, and on the verge of becoming the new chief, when she is arrested on false charges. She and her friends are pursued by mysterious enemies who will stop at nothing, including murder, to keep her from taking her place as chief of the general staff.

Book 3: Tara and the Man

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Assistant District Attorney Tara Connolly fell asleep in her apartment and woke up to a nightmare. She was naked, bound, gagged, and at the mercy of a mysterious hooded figure, a man who seemed to delight in subjecting her beautiful body to ingenious torments before having sex with her. But the most frightening part of the nightmare was…Tara was starting to like it!

Book 4: Refugees

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Refugees: Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland that was the Northeastern United States, Refugees tells the story of Countess Althea of New Bristol and her beautiful step-daughters, Samantha and Katherine, who escape the destruction of their city only to fall into the hands of the cruel Master of Westgate who subjects his delicate captives to an unrelenting program of harsh discipline to transform them into submissive bed-slaves.

Book 5: The Kingdom of Charlie

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The only survivors of an air disaster, biologist  Dr. Janet Parsons and young missionary Karen Cho miraculously survive both the crash and a night at sea in a great storm to find an island haven in the middle of the Pacific. But then the luck of two castaways runs out. The only inhabitant of the island is the hermit Charlie, and he demands their beautiful bodies in exchange for food and shelter. Karen and Janet are faced with a stark choice:  starve or become the submissive sex slaves of King Charlie. But Charlie is not what he seems, and their ultimate fate may depend on a secret hidden deep inside the psyche of the bizarre old recluse.

Book 6: By Judicial Decree 11: Negotiable Instrument

By Judicial Decree 11: Negotiable Instrument: Astrid and Daphne were registered members of the Three Hundred Families, which meant that they were aristocratic, arrogant, and spoiled. Unfortunately for them, their distinguished pedigrees could not help them after they failed to pay their Notes of Indenture and were sold as slaves at auction. What was worse, the high bidder was Quentin Scales, agent for the notorious Rupert Caine, who liked nothing more than he did cruelly breaking in snotty girls like them to serve him in his bedroom.

By Judicial Decree 11 Negotiable Instrument is another exciting in this series set in an alternate world where judicial enslavement is an everyday fact of life.


WARNING: Includes graphic violence and explicit sexual content suitable for adults only.

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