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Written by Constance Barker

Narrated by Angel Clark

Duration 16 hours

*Entire Series* Books 1 to 6 (16 hours)


Book 1: Creamed at the Coffee Cabana

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When Lily and her two aunts discover the dead body of the most vile and hated woman in the town of Sweet Home inside their coffee shop, the Coffee Cabana, tongues wag at who the culprit might be. With a list of suspects a mile long, it could be almost anyone Fannie Diddlemier wronged in her weekly rag.

Find out how Lily and her Aunts figure out the perp while downing extraneous amounts of hazelnut and mocha java.

Book 2: A Caffeinated Crunch

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Three dates, a golf cart with a shark fin on top, and a con man…. Lily and her aunts find themselves with dates to the same function. Little do they know the event will end with some unfortunate soul staring into the great beyond. And as they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Book 3: A Frothy Fiasco

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A dead elderly beauty queen, stolen items, and a golf cart race….

Sweet Home has been inundated with munchkins of all ages. Most are visiting their grandparents during the summer break, much to Essie’s chagrin. But when burglaries begin occurring on a steady basis, and one of their own dies during a robbery, the entire town is looking at each other and at the kids.

Find out what happens when Lily, Jules, and Eli put their heads together to figure out who is taking a five-finger discount.

This book contains more than java joy. Smoothies and frappes are also on the menu at the Coffee Cabana. This is the third book in the Sweet Home series, but it can also be heard as a standalone.

Book 4: Punked by the Pumpkin

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Strange sightings in the town cemetery, townspeople acting like zombies, and pumpkin cheesecake….

Sweet Home has become inundated with unholy sightings and turned over tombstones in the old cemetery. And if that wasn’t enough, Essie and Hildie aren’t talking to anyone, even Lily. All the seniors seem out of sorts, but of course that’s normal for Toe and Harvey.

Find out what happens when Lily; her best friend, Jules; and her gorgeous boyfriend, Eli, take matters into their own hands when the town starts spinning out of control.

Book 5: Peppermint Pandemonium

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When one of Sweet Home’s seniors is conked on the head and left for dead, it’s time for Lily and Jules to figure out the who and the why. But with the holiday markets in full swing, a group of gypsies in the middle of the fracas, and a sick Miss Pickles the cat, the girls and Officer Eli have their hands full.

Find out what happens as Lily’s entire life changes.

Book 6: Expresso Messo

A missing redhead, a secret admirer’s column, and special syrup.

When one of Sweet Home’s residents goes missing, Lily decides to put her sleuthing cap on. With her fiancé Eli and his father away on a fishing trip, it’s up to Lily to unearth the how and why of the disappearance. But not before she and Jules discover some odd goings on at Reva’s café. A secret admirer’s column in Jules newspaper is also causing quite a stir at the local hair salon where Lily finds a nemesis of the porcelain kind.

Find out what happens when Lily dives deep into all sorts of crazy mischief.

Caffeine and sugar warning: This book contains visions of red velvet hot chocolate and raspberry lattes.


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