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The Alternate History Series: Books 1 to 4

audiobook cover

Written by Andrew J Heller

Narrated by Christopher M Walsh

Duration 25 hours and 55 minutes

*Entire Series* Books 1 to 4 (25+ hours)


Book 1: Gray Tide in the East: An Alternate History of the First World War

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August 1, 1914, Berlin: Kaiser Wilhelm II cancels the German invasion of Belgium over the objections of his generals, sending his armies East against Russia instead of West to France, and sets off a chain of events that radically changes the course of the 20th Century.

Gray Tide in the East is an alternate history of the First World War in which the German Empire did not invade Belgium 1914 to bring Great Britain and, eventually, the United States into the war. Both a carefully researched, serious counter-factual study and a lively, action-filled novel, Gray Tide presents a war as it might have been through the eyes of historical figures who are famous (William Jennings Bryan, Winston Churchill,) obscure (Albert Dawson, Joost van Vollenhoven), and in-between (Joseph Stilwell, Raymond Swing) and follows the world conflagration from Washington, D.C. to Hanoi, Indo-China, and from the bloody battlefields of eastern Europe to the quiet offices of the diplomats.

The book concludes with three after-words, exploring the some of the historical, military and technological consequences of this war that might have been, including mini biographies of the historical figures in the book, and an informal bibliography discussing some of the author’s source material.

Here is what Amazon customers had to say:

“Engaging and well-written…The alternate situations were absolutely plausible”

“Well researched … well written and engaging. An excellent read for alternate history buffs”

“Mr Heller creates a believable and truly possible alternative history that also helps understand actual history”

“The writing in this book is really a step above the average”

“An impressive alternative history for World War I and for that matter all of the 20th century”

Book 2: Gray Tide II: Tidal Effects

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Tidal Effects is the sequel to Gray Tide in the East, comprising 2 novellas set in the aftermath of the German victory in the Great War described in the first volume. The first story, High Tide picks up the story in 1923when the U.S. discovers that Germany is building a secret naval base on Martinique, which they had acquired from France as part of the peace settlement in 1915. His base is a clear challenge to U.S. supremacy in the Western Hemisphere. How will Woodrow Wilson’s successor, President Frank Lowden, leader of an isolationist, pacifist-minded nation respond, when the Kaiser escalates the crisis to the brink of war?

In the second story, Rip-Tide, the Austro-Hungarian Empire has fallen under the thumb of its powerful ally and neighbor, the German Empire, and Emperor Charles is looking for a way to free his country from German domination, by forming a defensive alliance with other nations who also fear aggressive foreign policy of the newly expanded Reich. Charles calls on American newspaperman Ray Swing to secretly sound out allies in preparation for forming a new international treaty organization to meet the German threat. Meanwhile the Kaiser’s agent “Wolf” is working to undermine the Dual Monarchy, by encouraging a revolution in Hungary that will give Germany an excuse to gobble up the new lands won by Austria in the war.

Both stories, like Gray Tide in the East, are built on the same kind of research used by historians for scholarly articles and books (Mr. Heller has a Master’s Degree in European History,) so that the events depicted in these counter-factual situations all fall within the realm of the possible.

The two alternate histories (or counterfactuals,) are, like Gray Tide, followed by a discussion of the actual history of the period and the effect the changed events would have had on them as well as a bibliographical essay discussing the historical source material.

What Amazon customers had to say:

“An amazing alternative history…Well written and very plausible.”

“Excellent alt-history follow-up … outstanding… the story Heller weaves is excellent and fits into the historical and cultural context of Austria-Hungary.”

“Heller is an excellent writer…[The story] is fun to read, and thoughtfully laid out. His use of real people is masterful and never feels forced or artificial.”

“[The author] explains very thoroughly and believably what might have happened.”

Book 3: If the North Had Won the Civil War: An Alternate History

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From the author of the best-selling alternate histories Gray Tide in the East and Tidal Effects comes a unique look at the American Civil War.

If the North Had Won the Civil War is two alternate history novels in one. The modern story follows Stonewall Jackson “Jack” Sawyer, a history professor in the modern-day Confederate States of America, and his alternate history “If the North Had Won the Civil War” in a nation where publication of his book is a criminal offense.

The story takes the listener on a journey through a modern-day Confederacy, gradually revealing a nightmarish state where any person with a drop of black blood in his veins is denied basic human rights and confined to a “Preserve”. Interwoven with the adventures of Jack, his fiancée, Annabelle Parkins, his friend and fellow history professor, Buzz Hanson, and Buzz’s girlfriend, a biracial escort, Lydia Starkwell, is Jack’s book.

This is an alternate history of the Civil War written with the painstaking historical authenticity and attention to detail that Mr. Heller’s fans have come to expect from him. The characters in this book-within-an-book are all actual figures from the Civil War, and the military tactics and strategies are based on the real battles and the command styles of the generals . The fiction is followed by a l factual discussion of the Civil War, and a bibliographic essay.

“This creative, well-written alternative history of the Civil War captured and kept my attention…Heller is a brilliant writer whose work brings emotional truth to this alternative interpretation of events”

“It was not the book I thought it would be, but it was better…A very good read”

“This was one of the best reads that I have had in a while in any genre”

Book 4: Decision at Antietam: A Counterfactual History of the Civil War

Could the South have won the Civil War? This question has been asked and answered affirmatively dozens of times. But how likely was it, in reality? Now Andrew J. Heller (Gray Tide in the East) explores this fascinating subject using the tool of counterfactual analysis, instead of uninformed opinion, to look for an answer in Decision at Antietam. As always,  Heller rests his arguments on solid research of the historical records and the works of reputable historians, both scholarly and popular, to which he adds his own imaginative, yet authentic, eyewitness accounts.  A seamless blend of fiction and fact, Decision at Antietam is a convincing and very readable narrative history of a Civil War that might have been.

NOTE: A slightly different version of this book was originally part of If the North Had Won  the Civil War. It is re-published in this form primarily for readers interested in the counterfactual Civil War but not the “modern” story.

From Amazon readers:

“Refreshing new look at Civil War history”

“Excellent, well-written Alternate History” 

“This is an amazing body of work, plausible in its imagination and deeply researched”

“Well-researched and competently written”


WARNING: Includes graphic violence and scenes of war suitable for adults only.

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