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To Train a Queen: Entire Series, Books 1 to 7

Written by Commander James Bondage

Narrated by Nigel Moore

Duration 25 hours and 19 minutes

*Entire Series* Books 1 to 7 (25+ hours)

*Other titles by this author also available*


Book 1: To Train a Queen

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When Count Casimir overthrew the King of Bartavia, and had Princess Christine and Lady Emily dragged off to a dungeon, the two girls’ troubles had only begun. Casimir planned to make himself the new King, and he would name one of the girls as his Queen, but only after training them to see which of the two young noblewomen could best sate his sadistic appetites.

Book 2: Trapped Princess, Part One

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The King of Neustadt was dying, and young Princess Victoria was about to ascend to the throne, but someone had other plans for her. The Princess and her close friend Lady Ariel found themselves stuffed into a sack in the middle of the night to end up at the nonexistent mercy of the sadistic Baron Frederick Harzel. Delighted to have two such beautiful young virgins under his control, the Baron wastes no time in starting their training for his bedroom.

Book 3: Trapped Princess, Part Two

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After being abducted and delivered to Baron Harzel by order of Queen Lauren , Princess Victoria and Lady Ariel continue to suffer as sex slaves under the harsh training of their captor. In addition, the sadistic Baron begins to use them as his assistants to help him train other unfortunate young noblewomen who have been sent to Harzel by their future husbands. They are close to despair, when the arrival of an unexpected visitor suddenly changes everything.

Book 4: Slaves of the Assyrian Empire

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His name was Al-Shur-Samani, and he was a mighty warrior, brother of the King of the Assyrians and general in chief of the army, but he preferred to be called “Al” and all he really wanted was to be left alone to enjoy training his beautiful slave girls with his ingenious and cruel methods. One-by-one, Al breaks the proud Queen and Princess of Lagash, a wild Cimmerian beauty, and even the King’s cast-off wife are and trains them to serve his desires. An exciting tale of erotic bondage from the ancient world.

The Taming of a Princess

Book 5: The Taming of a Princess

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Princess Elizabeth was a problem for which her father had no solution. Although she was young, beautiful, and intelligent, she was unmarriageable because of her notorious temper and her complete lack of interest in matrimony What was needed was a strong man who could take her in hand and master her. Baron Frederick Harzel possessed both the stern will and the well equipped dungeon needed , and he knew everything there was to know about taming arrogant, young noblewomen like Elizabeth, as the Princess was soon to discover.

The Duke of Yu's Daughter

Book 6: The Duke of Yu’s Daughter

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When the Duke of Yu falls into debt, the only way he can avoid disgrace and the loss of his ancestral lands is to offer to the hand of his daughter, Bo Lien, the lovely lotus of Yu, in marriage to his creditor, Zhao Hua. But Zhao is a hard, unloving man whose greatest pleasure is tormenting and humiliating beautiful girls like Bo Lien. It looks as if the lotus of Yu is doomed to a life of misery, until she meets Zhou’s young concubine, Morning Star, and begins to hope she may still find happiness and true love in the House of Sighs.

Slaves of the Black Magician

Book 7: Slaves of the Black Magician

Every year for many hundreds of years, the Kingdom of Seabourne had sent its most beautiful maidens to the mysterious Black Magician Alaric as tribute, and none of the girls had ever returned. But when Alaric takes Princess Ellyx, her bodyguard and devoted friend, warrior-mage Kayrene is determined to rescue her friend or die in the attempt. But when Kayrene loses her contest for the princess and becomes the Magician’s sex slave alongside Ellyx, her only remaining hope rests on the loyalty of a demon named Malphus. An exciting tale of fantasy, adventure, and bondage, set in a world governed by the laws of magic.


WARNING: Includes explicit sexual content and graphic violence suitable for adults only.

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