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Titles not yet listed: If you’re an author, narrator or publisher with promo codes to give away (from Audible, Findaway Voices, Authors Direct or your own website) and you haven’t yet listed your audiobook at, you need to list your audiobook first by completing the “Add an Audiobook” form.  There you can tell us about your title/s, plus upload promo codes to use with the automated system (should you choose that option).

Titles already listedIf your audiobook is already listed at AudioFreebies and you need to upload a new batch of codes, use the form below.

The list you add below won’t automatically overwrite your previous list of codes.  We will manually check how many (if any) of the previous batch of codes you earlier provided to AudioFreebies have not yet been distributed (i.e. how many codes have not yet been shown on screen to requesters), and we will add those not-yet-distributed codes to the top of the list below so we have the maximum number of codes available for distribution for your audiobook.